Thursday, 26 July 2012

18/52: Make some Dorset Buttons

I first heard about Dorset Buttons ages ago, I think when we learned about cottage industries in history lessons all those years ago when I was still at school! They came back on my radar during my recent visit to Stourhead on their cellar & attic tour as the head housemaid was making them. When I got home I googled them and also bought a kit to have a go .... and I now have a new hobby!

Here's my first attempt, not brilliant, but each one was better than the one before.  My last attempt was the best, but is also in the bin as I dropped it in my mug of coffee when I was trying to show it to Ced!

I included these buttons in my swap jar - more about that in another post - and I plan to have another go at making some more, slightly bigger ones. There's lots of different weaving styles to try as well.

Interestingly, learning about the button making cottage industry may have solved one of my problems with a branch of the family tree. I think I may have found one of the missing women and the demise of the industry may explain why she relocated to Bath. Still some detective work to do to be sure though.


  1. These look great! I'd love to have the patience to create such beautiful things. Bravo Eileen!

  2. Ich dachte erst, es handelt sich um kleine Räder für eine Lokomotive...:-)

    Lieben Gruß

  3. Ha ha Eileen, I've seen these buttons already today, in the blog of your jar swap partner (I forget who it was), and was wondering what they were. Are they easy to do?
    You mentioned Stourhead, I haven't been there yet and was wondering if it would be the sort of place to take my 88 year-old Mum when she comes down next week, or if it might be too much walking, steps etc.
    Also just read your other blog. Perhaps we can meet up for a photo-outing sometime soon, although I have to say August is almost full already!

    1. Hi Joy, the buttons are really easy to make, each one took about 20 mins but I was getting quicker.

      Stourhead might be a bit much for your mum, it's a lot of ups and downs (quite steep) and a very tiring walk around the lake. Also it's a long walk from the house to the lake.

      Yes I'd love to meet up sometime, I'll email you about that.