Sunday, 11 December 2011

26 Week Photo Challenge 3 - Self Portrait

Well I've done my three photos.  I was dreading this as I hate, hate, hate having my photo taken.  In the end it wasn't as bad as I thought.

I know we were supposed to be thinking about the ISO value but I have to admit that I ended up using the auto function - it was hard enough holding the camera still let alone thinking about technicalities!  All photos are SOOC although the final one has been cropped slightly.

1 - the first photo I went for a 'reflection in the mirror' shot.  The mirror is in a dark lobby (the wall behind me is the same colour as the wall you can see below the mirror) with natural light from one side only.  I'm not sure about the focus as the frame of the mirror isn't sharp.

2 - my best/favourite photo.  Why have I chosen this one? Well I think it shows something about me (as in my love of music) rather than just a likeness of me.  I know my hand isn't completely in focus, but despite that I still like it.  I also like the colours in this one.

3 - the final photo. I think that one thing people remember about me is my naturally curly hair, so I wanted to get that in a photo. This shot was hand held with my left hand (so impressed that it's not wobbly) but I'd intended to get more hair and less skin!

Once again thanks to Karen for organising the challenge. 


  1. Well done Eileen you have done a fantastic job of a not very popular theme.
    First photo I like the way the mirror divides the image in two. The mirror may not be in focus but you are which is the main subject.

    Second photo, I really like these kind of shots, (mental note to get on and do one!) and I like the different take on the theme.

    Third photo - being a natural curly as well I tried one of these but didn't work. I think you have done this one really well, once again like the take on it.

    Thank you for taking part. x

  2. You've done a good job Eileen - I dreaded this one too.

    I like the first one in the mirror - I chose this angle too and it's much harder than it looks.

    A different perspective on the second photo is a nice idea.

  3. Sorry I am late but have been away. I love the the first one in the mirror and the way you have taken it from a corner. The second one showing your love of music is like a story being told. The third one you did well to take this at that angle so brill
    Love and Hugs