26 Week Photo Challenge 4 - Christmas

Sorry I'm late posting my photos.  I only found the time to take them today and I have to admit that I struggled - really down to not being competent (yet) to change the various settings on my camera.  They are all of the same subject, i.e. baubles on the Christmas tree but I have managed to get the bokeh effect .... just!

In terms of exposure they are all SOOC but 2 of them have been cropped and I had to edit one of them (not entirely successfully) to remove my reflection.  Self-portraits were last time and I'm not going through that again!!

1 - the first photo I quite like the focus on the bauble but don't like the fact that I didn't realise I'd chopped the bottom off.  In my defence, I was concentrating on the lights.

2 - my best/favourite photo I like the colours in this one and, although the focus on the baubles is rather 'soft', I do like the feeling of the photo.

3 - the final photo I was starting to get the hang of it by this time! The editing is on the red bauble, although you probably didn't need to be told that, did you?

Once again, thanks to Karen for organising this.  I won't get round to commenting on the other photos until tomorrow at the earliest.


  1. They are lovely pictures Eileen They are all that xmas is and I love the colours
    Love and Hugs

  2. Lovely pictures - the colours are wonderful.

  3. Hi Eileen - I struggled with the Bokeh but you have captured it well. Funny enough my favourite is the first one. I like the bling bauble and the bokeh lights behind. Hope you had a lovely Christmas!

  4. Love the second one best Eileen, I like the colours and the softness of it, just lovely. Well done on getting the bokeh as well and thanks for taking part. xx


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