Sunday, 20 May 2012

10/52: Complete a Scarecrow Hunt

I've always wanted to do a scarecrow hunt so yesterday we went to Keevil where the village school had organised one.  Sorry about the quality of the photographs - I didn't realise the camera wasn't set up properly until it was too late!

Keevil is a small picturesque village about 6 miles aways.  It's the sort of place you know about, but never go to as it is off the beaten track.  It's very pretty, full of timber framed buildings and thatched cottages. 

This is the team - my sister and her husband, her daughter Laura and her two children Tinkerbell and Tweenie, and Laura's brother's two daughters Ragbag and Wriggle. 
The theme for the scarecrow trail was 'Pairs' and there were 38 in total + a children's trail of 20.  We managed to name 36 of them and had to guess 2 but the children completed their trail.  Don't worry .... I don't plan to post photos of every single one, just my favourites.  The one above was Maid Marion and Robin Hood (there is a robin wearing a hood by her coronet)

This was the best one - Jack and Jill

and the children's favourites - Postman Pat and Jess the cat ...

... and Rosie & Jim

Although not sunny, it didn't rain and everyone had a good time.  There were no tears or grumbles from the children and they stayed interested throughout, even though it took ages!  Wriggle slept through most of it but she woke a couple of times to treat us to her lovely smile!

This is definitely one thing I'll be doing again.


  1. Such fun, aren't they. Next year you could try the Urchfont one, its quite a bit longer though, might be too much for the children. Its usually over the Mayday bank holiday. We missed it this year :-(

    1. Hi Joy, we missed the Urchfont one as well - I remember you saying that it was a good one. If it's longer than the Keevil one I think it will be too much for the little ones, especially as Wriggle will be walking next year.

      Don't forget you have the 'Go Bustard' art trail in and around Warminster in the summer months. We'll be doing that as well.

  2. Oh what fun, not sure there's one near us but my kids would love something like that. Everyone looks like their having such a fab time.

  3. Lovely photos Eileen and it looks like a wonderful day
    everyone looks so happy and carefree.

    Glad that you enjoyed it.

    How is your husband? I hope that he is ok and in good form.


  4. What a lovely family day out, I have never heard of a scarecrow hunt before it looks such fun, just the sort of thing I would have done with my two when younger. xx

  5. thank you Eileen, i've booked an appointment for tomorrow. it's just been all to much this weekend.
    Jo x

  6. I've never heard of a scarecrow hunt before but it sounds as if the children really enjoyed themselves. A great way for them to be out in the fresh air. Looks like a lovely wee village too. :)