11/52: See the Olympic Torch

A beautiful sunny day, not a cloud in the sky, lovely and hot, just the right weather to celebrate the Olympic Torch Relay.

Despite the weather, I really thought it was going to be a damp squib ... compared to other local towns, Trowbridge hadn't made any attempt to celebrate the event.  Calne and Bradford-on-Avon had put partiotic bunting up along the route but Trowbridge hadn't bothered at all.  However, I was wrong and I had a great time.  Apologies again for the quality of the photographs but here's a photographic record of my once in a lifetime opportunity to see the Olympic Torch. 

the streets were packed with like minded people
waiting for a glimpse of the torch

an official car announced that the torch was on its way
the police riders joined in the fun, waving and
sounding their sirens

after a 10 minute delay, another official car informs
us that the torch is coming

followed by one of the tour buses transporting some
of the torch bearers

5 minutes later the Coca-Cola lorry
drives past, rallying the crowd to
practice their cheering

followed by the Samsung contingent
who got the crowd clapping

and the 'Smile' bus from Lloyds Bank
who were calling out and waiving to

and finally the torch itself, carried by Marcia Vowles
A brilliant day ... so proud to be British.


  1. Smashing photos Eileen, looks like you had a fab time xx

  2. Great to see it,
    a moment in history.

    Looks like you are having fantastic
    weather there too.



  3. Lovely :)

    The torch is near to me in early July - can't wait to go and see it - the more photos I see - the more excited I get :)

  4. This has made me feel really homesick!! I was so excited when London won the right to put on the Olympics and I was looking forward to watching them - albeit from home!! These photos are fab and I can really feel the excitement in them. The torch is due to go through Shotton (near Northop Hall) on 29th May.

    Thanks for your lovely comment about my card. So pleased you like the Mosaic Scrapbook system - I'll be playing with it soon!

  5. You had a fair few people lining the street there. It all looks like it was a lot of fun.

  6. What a wonderful experience! I got to see part of the torch relay during the 1984 Summer game in Los Angeles. :)

    1. It definitely was, and a fantastic way of feeling part of a very special event.


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