Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Let's Sit and Have a Cup of Tea

Every month, Abi of Creating Paper Dreams, hosts a link-up where people can sit and chat over a cup of tea:

image from Google

It's rather a grey day so we'll sit in the dining room but I'll leave the French doors open so that there will be a bit of a breeze. After the greetings and introductions you'll all squeeze around the table (not much room with all the packing boxes piled up in the corner!) and I'll put the kettle on to boil.  Some of you will choose tea and some of you will opt for coffee - that's fine, I'm a coffee drinker myself - and I'll breathe a sigh of relief that I remembered to get some milk. I'll put some nibbles out - today there will be homemade shortbread and chocolate brownies. 
Drinks ready, I'll join you at the table.  It will look a bit of a mess as I haven't found the milk jug and sugar bowl yet, but you're all friends so it doesn't matter.  We'll catch up on everyone's news, commiserate with the downs and disasters, celebrate the highs and successes and laugh at the things the children in our lives have said or done.
Then I'll ask you all for suggestions on what to do with the garden.  I'll tell you that I've always wanted a courtyard garden and if this is to be my 'forever home', then now is the time to get on and do it.  The gardeners amongst you will share ideas on the hard landscaping and the planting and we'll talk about having colour and interest all year round and I'll feel more positive about it.
I'll put the kettle back on and make some more drinks. I've tried a new brownies recipe this time so opinions will be sought and given; it's a keeper! I'll realise that I should have made more so I'll place what's left of yesterday's lemon meringue pie on the table. Soon gone! The conversation will turn to crafts and we'll all share an update on our latest projects.  Some of you will share your latest photographs and we'll ooh and aah at the fabulous images. 
All too soon it'll be time to go our separate ways so diaries will be updated and we'll agree to meet again next month.


  1. Hi there, I just came over from Abi's blog. Thank you for the tea and all the sweet treats! Shortbread, brownies and lemon meringue pie...I'll definitely come again! Good luck with the garden.

  2. Visiting from Abi's. What a gorgeous spread! I'll definitely be back in September...Thanks.

  3. Hello Eileen. Thank you for joining me for tea today. Yes, I took the tea and yes my mouth watered at the sound of all those delicious treats and the sight of that shortbread!