4/52: Join a Book Club

I've wanted to join a book club for a long time but without success.  There don't seem to be many in this area and the ones I've come across either meet on the wrong night or I haven't liked their book lists.  So I've compromised and joined an online book club - the Richard and Judy book club which is organised by WH Smiths. I used to watch their TV shows from time to time and the one thing that has stayed with me was the book reviews and 'reads' that they used to organise.

I signed up to do the Spring Read 2012 which consists of 8 books.  Each books contains additional 'book club' info where the author is interviewed, free podcasts are available and also a website where you can add your review and also read other people's reviews and comments.

Before I Go To Sleep - S J Watson: I loved this one.  I'd been wanting to read this for a while and wasn't disappointed. 

Midwinter Sacrifice - Mons Kallentoft: The pace was too slow for me but it was well written and I liked the descriptive style.

Me Dear, I Wanted to Tell You - Louisa Young: Not my usual choice but I really enjoyed it.  Very descriptive and full of believable emotions.

Me For You - Jojo Moyes: This is not my usual choice but it turned out to be the best book I've read in a long time. I loved it.  It highlights the benefits of joining a book club, stretching yourself and reading outside of your usual choices.

The Paris Wife - Paula Mc Lain: This is the story of Ernest Hemmingway and his first marriage to Hadley.  Knowing the outcome, and not being particularly fond of either Hemminway or that era, I wasn't expecting to enjoy this one.  However, it was really well done although I thought the author had glossed over the depth Hadley's emotions at the end.

The Story of Beautiful Girl - Rachel Simon:  Another good read although I felt that the 'thoughts' of the main character didn't match her supposed low mental abilities and that spoilt it a bit for me. 

A Cold Season - Alison Littlewood: This was the only dud in the list.  I didn't enjoy it at all.

Yesterday's Sun - Amanda Brooke: Another great book and again, not my usual choice.

48 more things to go!


  1. Well done you to have signed up.

    That is great.

    I mmst have a look out for some of those books.

    Hope you are keeping well


  2. Some of those books sounds very interesting - I'll need to keep my open for them. Thanks for the reviews :)


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