Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sunday Photo Walk

I went out for an hour this morning to take some photos for the scavenger hunt.  I'm not posting those photos today, but I thought I'd share a few of the other photos I took when I was out.

I started off in Westbury (about 3 miles from home) because I wanted to photograph the War Memorial for the hunt.  This is part of the wrought iron railing that surrounds the memorial.

Then over to the Southwick Country Park (about 2 miles the other side of home) to look for some photo opportunities.  There's still plenty of autumn colour about, some lovely purple ....
and some vibrant yellow .... 

and finally, I want to do a series of  a monthly photo of the same subject.  This view is a possibility but I'm still looking around.  I plan to start in January.
Many thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes yesterday.  I had a lovely day with family and friends.


  1. Love those purple berries and the yellow flowers - nice to see some bright colours.

  2. Those purple berries are amazing what plant are they from?

  3. Hi Karen, I think the purple berry bush is called 'callicarpa'but as it loses all its leaves before the berries appear, it's difficult to check. I'm not really a gardener so it's my best guess!

  4. Missed your birthday ,
    oh dear I am sorry
    but better late than never,
    "Happy Birthday Eileen".

    Love the photos, espeiallly the purple.

    x Fiona