Friday, 25 November 2011

26 Week Photo Challenge 2 - Photograph the Light

Here are my three offerings.  I had loads of ideas about this theme but the weather failed to co-operate on the days I had time to do some photographs!  In the end I took all of my pics today.  I arrived at my Friday school early so had 20 minutes to search for some photo opportunities and was lucky enough to have strong, bright sunlight in those 20 minutes - almost like a summer day.

All were taken using aperture priority but I didn't take note of the other technical details.  I'm only sure of of the aperture priority because I was actually organised enough to set that before I left home!  All of the photos are straight out of the camera.

1 - the first photo: This is the roof of the school reflected in a puddle. The lines across the centre are the relections of some cables.

2 - the best/favourite photo:  Back out to the road, this is the avenue of trees in front of the church which is next door to the school.  I like the lines created by the shadows and the vanishing point, although not in the best place, still works for me.

3 - the final photo: This one was taken from inside the school looking out through a locked window across the flat roof which is always inches deep in rainwater. The grey shapes at the top of the photo are the roof of a shed and part of the heating system.  I was on tip-toes to get this photo and couldn't avoid their inclusion as the alternative was the inclusion of a very out of focus (and dirty) window frame.

I've enjoyed the challenge this time and am looking forward to seeing everyone else's photos.  Thanks to Karen for organising the challenge.


  1. Hi Eileen, so glad you have enjoyed this one and thank you for taking part.

    First photo - really like this nicely spotted, I would possibly have cropped in to just focus on the reflection taking out the unwanted path. Nice dof and exposure. Like the odd leaves dotted around.

    Second photo - my favourite one as well, makes me thing of a lovely fresh autumn walk all wrapped up to keep warm even though the sun is shining. Maybe a tiny crop of the grass at the bottom but not really necessary. Like the shadows the sun has created and the light on the bark of the trees showing their texture off nicely. Good dof and exposure.

    Third photo - Once again very well spotted, in a difficult spot to take! Possible crop to remove the grey bits on the top and right hand side. Nice exposure.

  2. loving the photos. I think the first one is well captured but like karen I would have cropped it a bit to get rid of some of the grey

    Picture 2 is just stunning

    picture 3 wonderful reflection, I would have just cropped a bit off the top

    Thanks for sharing

  3. Great interpretations on the challenge! I really like the first one and like the others I might have cropped it a bit to focus the eye more on the reflection. I love the contrast of the dainty white details on the house against the black and rough street.
    The second one makes me want to go for a walk. I also would cut off a bit at the bottom so that the eye goes more towards the top of the trees but the perspective and the shadows are fabulous!
    Same comment at the others for the third one. Wonderful colors though!

  4. Thank you Eileen for your comments on my photos for this challenge. Everyone has come up with such different ideas.

    the first photo i find really interesting and like it alot, a closer crop would take your eye away from the path.

    I took a very similar photo to your second one. I love this one, I like how your eye is drawn down the avenue of trees and the shadows cast across.

    if the flat roof edge was cropped out of this photo you would wonder where it was - fab reflection.