Friday, 11 May 2018

An Emotional Goodbye

Yesterday I said goodbye to my Thursday school. I've been teaching there since 2005, providing class recorder lessons for the year 3s and brass and woodwind lessons to too many individuals to remember all their names.

I was invited into the hall at the end of my final lesson to find that the entire school had assembled to say goodbye. There was a lovely thank you from the head teacher, who then presented me with a gardening voucher and a beautiful photographic card of part of the village. This was followed by a presentation from the year 3 class of a handmade card  in which they'd all written their own messages, added a class photo of them all waving goodbye and some photos of me teaching them! We've agreed that I'll buy a (dwarf) cherry tree with the voucher to remember my time at the school - a cherry tree because the year 3 class is Cherry Class! And to finish, probably the loudest 'three cheers' I've ever heard - my ears were ringing!

I managed to hold myself together until I got home and then the tears flowed. This was my favourite school, and although I'll go back for concerts and special events, and maybe even to hear some reading, it won't really be the same. 

Looking back, I have many memories of my time at the school and I feel so lucky to have had this relationship with them. It's been fun!


  1. How lovely! It takes me back to my own retirement and there are tears in my eyes for you. Buying a dwarf cherry is a wonderful way to remember them.
    I agree, it won't be the same but, once you have got your head round it all and given time, it will be better. It truly will. And those lovely memories will always remain with you.
    Much love.

  2. What a lovely send off they gave you even more so in the fact that you had no idea what they had planned for your goodbye. I'm sure there will be many occasions for you to attend the school just in a different guise. It all becomes real doesn't it even though you know its what you want it must still be very hard walking away after such a long time.


  3. Lovely to finish on a high with good memories Eileen. I'm sure you'll be missed, but your positive legacy will live on.

  4. What a sweet farewell for you! You can never forget this and even the school will not forget you:)

  5. Always good to have memories and good memories that make you shed a tear are The Best.

  6. Aw, what a lovely send off! You did well to hold back the tears till you got home! I've told people at my office that I don't want anything to mark my retirement - I know I will not be able to hold back the tears!