Memorandum Monday

It's an early start today so a rather bleary eyed Monday morning greeting to Sian and the rest of Monday bloggers.

Well the good news is that we had some new players at the band on Saturday, following my presentations in the primary schools. Three turned up on Saturday and I've had telephone calls from other parents reserving places for at least four more children. I'm hoping that we end up with ten new players as that will be a good result for the band.

We also played through a selection of new, slightly harder, music on Saturday which was purchased as a challenge for the junior band to try to progress them to the next level. Saturday was just sight reading all twelve pieces and they all did very well. Every piece was recognisable but they will obviously need plenty of practice to get them up to performance standard.

I was supposed to be going to the Longleat balloon festival on Sunday but I didn't feel well so chose to spend the day at home doing very little really, but I did make a lentil and vegetable soup using a new-to-me recipe. Most of it will go in the freezer but I'm taking some in a flask for my lunch today - it's a teaching day.

All the items I listed for sale on Gumtree have now sold, which is a first for me. The hall table sold and was collected during the week, which means that the bigger items of furniture I no longer wanted have all gone from the house. This has left me with enough floor space to continue the sorting/organising; the next stage is to organise the rest of the things I want to keep and get them put away, and then get on with placing some more adverts to try to sell some things.

I hope you all have a lovely week.


  1. Glad you have recruited some new members for your band. The soup will come in useful as the Autumn weather kicks in.

  2. What fun to have so many new faces in your band. I am trying to introduce more lentils in my diet, which as of this moment is not going so well. Maybe soup with root veggies is the way to go. Yeah for sold clearing out items ... who knows this may lead to a new career; helping others to clear & sell. Happy week.

  3. Sounds like a busy and productive weekend. shame about the balloon festival but hope you feel better now
    Have a great week x x

  4. Wishing you a lovely week right back. What a successful weekend: new band members and some sales, too. I hope you get everyone you need for the band because it sounds like a lot of fun.

  5. Well done on getting rid of the furniture. Hope the new band members work out and the pieces all sound musical.

  6. Good news on the band front and the selling unwanted furniture front. Hope the rest of your week has gone as well.


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