Sunday, 20 November 2011

Slim Down Sunday 15

Goal: To change my lifestyle and in doing so, lose weight and increase fitness.

Pounds lost: I don't know - I'm not weighing. I've now lost approx. 2 inches from my measurements since I started.

How it's gone this week: I seem to be stuck - no further change in measurements at all. I'm doing well with controlling portion size and fluid intake. 

Plan for this week: Continue with plenty of fluids and the calories in/out balance. Stick to the 400 calorie breakfasts and midday meals and build up my recipes/ideas for this.  Start to do this for the evening meals as well although it'll have to be a gradual thing because I still need to use the contents of the freezer.  Lack of proper exercise is obviously the next major thing to tackle so I'll give it some thought, see if I can come up with some ideas to get me started. 

To see how others are getting on, or to join in yourself, visit Slim Down Sunday at this site.

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  1. I think finding exercise you enjoy is the key. I, personally, hate exercise for the sake of being fit. I'm never really committed to it. TKD has been a lifesaver as I love doing it plus it's exercise. :-)