Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Exploring the Neighbourhood (1)

My new home is in the local marina. It's not on the waterfront but that is very close, less than five minutes walk away. By the side of the marina is the Kennet and Avon canal with easy towpath walks in both directions (to Bradford on Avon or back in to Trowbridge) and at the end of the village is the River Avon with its water meadows/flood plain and weir. 

Today, I walked round to the waterfront to take a few photos to share with you.

The marina, looking towards the canal

The marina, looking back towards the houses.  My home is behind the houses on the left.

The canal, looking towards Bradford on Avon.  This is where you can hire a boat

The canal, looking towards Trowbridge.  The big building in the centre of the picture is the boatyard.

The overflow lake at the edge of the marina


  1. What a beautiful place to live! Thank you for posting these photos.

  2. The K&A is the main thing I miss since leaving Devizes, we often enjoyed the easy, level towpath walks. It all looks lovely Eileen, cant wait to visit. xx

  3. Looks lovely Eileen and full of photo opportunities,that could make a good monthly view by the canal??? xx

  4. Olá Eilleen, que fotos e lugares fantásticos! Um local maravilhsoso para habitar . Beijinhos Ailime

  5. Your neighborhood is lovely! I'm looking forward to part 2! I also enjoyed the windmill photos. :)