Thursday, 12 September 2013

The Simple Woman's Daybook - Thursday, 12th September 2013


Outside my window ... it is pitch black.  There are no other houses overlooking the back of my house so when I look out of the French doors in the living room I can't see any lights at all.  I think there is a street light out there but there is no sight of it tonight.

I am thinking ... about going away for a few days at half term.  Delays with the house purchase meant that I didn't get away during the summer holiday and I want a change of scene to blow the cobwebs away

I am thankful ... for the support of my family and friends, as I come to terms with the changes in my life and move towards a happy future. 

In the kitchen ... it is all tidied away but the fridge is looking rather empty so I need to do some shopping.  I don't want to starve!

I am wearing ... jimjams and dressing gown. 

I am creating ... lots of mess as I unpack all the storage boxes and make decisions about what stays and what goes.

I am going ... to start cooking some of the recipes I've been saving.  Am I the only person who saves new recipes and never cooks them?

I am wondering ... whether to take on some extra work.  I spend all of my time working with children and on some days I don't get to speak to another adult unless I make the effort to do so.  I've been wondering whether to get a part-time job which involves working with other adults to help balance my life a little.

I am reading ... nothing!  I've just finished reading 'The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest' by Steig Larsson.  I'm not sure what to read next but I've got plenty to choose from - the top shelf of the bookcase is packed full of novels to read.

I am hoping ... to start a redwork embroidery.  I've nearly finished designing a Christmas wall-hanging but it may not be finished in time for this year!

I am looking forward to ... meeting up with friends.  We're going out for a meal next week, venue  still to be decided.

I am learning ... about plants an
d garden design.  I don't know when I'll make a start on the garden as I need to sort the house first, but I have ideas forming about how I want the garden to look.

Around the house ... I'm slowly getting sorted and finding places for the things I want to keep.

I am pondering ... plans for improving my health and fitness.  I'm seriously unfit and still massively overweight and must do something about it.  I have the time now but need to be realistic about what I can achieve - I have a tendency to overdo exercise plans at the start and then give up, so I'm aiming for a more sensible approach. 

One of my favourite things ... my new home.  It really is starting to feel like 'home' and I know that I am going to be happy here.

A few plans for the rest of the week: teaching tomorrow, band practice on Saturday and a photo session on Sunday, weather permitting.

A peek into my day ... I'd ordered blinds for the seven windows overlooking the road at the front of the house and they were fitted this morning.  I'm really pleased with them and it's lovely to have some privacy again.  I spent the afternoon sorting through a big pile of papers and getting that side of things organised.  This evening, I had a long soak in the bath and have been watching TV.
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  1. So pleased to hear that you are so happy in your new home, Eileen. Now is a very good time to start making plans for your garden, so that you are ready to implement them in the spring.
    Joy xx

  2. All sounding very positive and happy. Really pleased. xx

  3. Glad you are happy with your new home, and no, you are not the only person who keeps recipes and never cooks them!! I have a huge amount of them!!

  4. I enjoyed reading this! Stay positive! :)