Monday, 2 September 2013

Last Week ...

... was a busy, fun week.  It was the last week of the school holidays so I put the remainder of the unpacking on the back burner and spent the time meeting up with friends and family.

Julie and Lauren came round to see the house and Julie treated us to a Chinese takeaway. We tried the one which is only about three minutes walk from my house, near the waterfront.  It was okay, but we all agreed that the ones in town are better.  

On the Wednesday, I met with Lyn for lunch.  We went to the Lion and Fiddle, which always used to be a very popular eating place but it was empty ... we were the only ones there. However, the food was lovely and I would go there again - the lack of other customers meant that the service was superb!

Wednesday evening, my sister and BIL came round for a meal.  I know, two big meals in a day - not easy, but I managed it!!  This time we tried a takeaway from the Indian restaurant (next to the Chinese takeaway) and it was delicious.  We will definitely be eating there again.

Laura, Brian, Tinks and Tweenie came to tea on Thursday.  I cooked a meal this time, no takeaways!  Earlier in the day, Mel came round with Raggie and Wriggle.  Raggie starts school next week and I'd sewn the name labels on her school uniform so they popped in to see the house and collect the uniform.  She is beyond excited about starting school, I can't wait to see how she gets on. All four children loved the garden - apparently, it's not 'decking', it's a 'stage'!  We were treated to impromptu concerts from both pairs of children.  I opened both sets of French doors and the children were running in through the dining room and out through the living room, on a continuous circular route.  It was lovely, just what I was hoping would happen.

Sunday morning saw me standing in a field with Julie at a car boot sale helping her sell of some of her unwanted goodies.  It was my first time actually selling, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I know that it was a lovely sunny morning and maybe won't be quite as much fun on a cold day, but we've decided to try to do one every month and share a stall selling half her stuff and half mine. 

Sunday night, Julie called round with her four daughters to let the older girls see my new home.  It's the first time since the funeral that I've seen them all together.  The eldest, Rheanna, works shifts so I don't see her that often.  The other two, Bethanie and Kelsey, are away at university so usually it is only Lauren, the youngest, that I see regularly.  They are a force to be reckoned with when they are all together and tremendous fun, always laughing.  It was a flying visit but it really cheered me up.

I've also met a few of the neighbours now so am starting to feel less isolated here.  One of them knocked on my door on Friday with a gift of some home grown tomatoes for me.  Totally unexpected but very much appreciated.  They were full of flavour and so much better than the shop bought ones. May have to think about growing some myself.

Sorry for the lack of photographs but I have actually got as far as charging the camera battery so things are heading in the right direction!  Hope you all had a good week.


  1. So pleased to hear you are meeting the neighbours, hope they are all OK. GM and I have been to the Lion and Fiddle a few times, and it's always empty lunchtimes, I guess they must do their trade in the evenings?
    Joy x x

    1. Yes, they all seem very nice. It is very quiet here and I don't have the problems from neighbours children that I had in the previous home.

  2. Sounds like a very busy week but a great one. So lovely to have the family near by. xx