Friday, 20 September 2013

Summer Scavenger Hunt

With one day to go, here's my selection of photos for the summer scavenger hunt organised by Rinda.  Before you look at the photos, it's confession time ... most of the images were taken specifically for this hunt but I've also had to use some older photos to complete the list - there was just too much going on in my life that took priority and I didn't manage to get out and about as much as I needed to.  Promise I'll do better next year!

1: Open air market.  
Taken in Bradford on Avon, this market runs every week.

2: Theatre.  
This is the Wharf Theatre in Devizes.

3:  County Hall.  
Currently undergoing repairs, this beautiful building is in Bythesea (pronounced
'by - the - sea') Road in Trowbridge, a town which is at least 40 miles away from
the coast. This always amused us as children!

4: Airplane.  
This is one of the radio controlled planes made by Ced.  It's the only one
I've kept - I have lots of lovely memories of the winter nights he made this.

5: Sunset.  
This was taken from the back garden of my new home and is the view I can
see from the living room.

6: Someone sleeping.  
Here's one of Boy, tired out after a
day of playing with his siblings and cousins.

7: A funny sign.  
I think this is supposed to be intentionally funny - it didn't work
though, my unhealthy a** just kept walking past!

8: Tower.  
Three of Farleigh Castle's ruined towers.

9: Something out of place.  
Well how often do you see a giant doughnut on a child's
swing?  This was part of Lauren's coursework for her art exam.

10: An outside bench.  
In this case, lots of benches taken at the Wilton Windmill site.

11: An animal in a zoo.  
I didn't make it to a zoo so here's a photo of animals I may 
have seen if I had ... well it's zoo animal cushions, but you get the idea ...

12: A cloud in the shape of something.  
Yes, I know it's upside down but I think it makes it easier to see ...just to the right of centre there is a dog/teddy bear.

13: Fence.  
I found this by the canal near my new home, just a short length of fence not connected to anything.

14: Stained glass object.  
This is part of the stained glass panels in the front door
of my sister's home.

15: Police car.  
I didn't manage to see a Police car when I had my camera with me, so
this was solved by a rummage through the toy box.

16:  Windmill.
This is Wilton Windmill, the last remaining working windmill in Wiltshire.
17: Candle
this is one of the older photos, experimenting with lights

18: Local pub
The Somerset Arms in Semington, the scene of many happy times with friends and family

19: Fisherman.
I had to cheat with this one.  This is taken from the TV - I sat through
'Extreme Fishing with Robson Green' to get this image!

20:  Dinosaur.  
Another rummage through the toy box produced this book, the only dinosaur I could find.

21:  Me with a craft tool.  
Well part of me anyway! It's a bit of a lame interpretation of the subject but in my defence, I haven't unpacked any of my crafting stuff so this is the best I could do. 


  1. Looks like you have a spammer, Eileen.

    1. Can't see any spam, Joy. Where did you see it, if you can remember? Thanks.

  2. Great set of photos, well done. Joy x x

  3. You did a great job with the photos! Well done! My favorite is the sunset; spectacular!
    Enjoy the weekend!

  4. Gorgeous photos - well done. Love the police car and the dinosaur - great interpretation! The fisherman was a good idea.
    Margaret - glitterandglue

  5. Great collection, my a** gave up a long time ago!

  6. I have cloud envy now because yours is just fabulous

  7. Love the inverted dog/teddy bear! Good photos all round, well done. Kind regards, John W #17.

  8. Dinosaur ROAR - oh the memories as my hubby bought that for our son when he was tiddly. Super teddy cloud, sign and cutey sleeping. BJ

  9. Wow! Your windmill is an absolute ripper!

  10. What a fabulous view of the sky you have from your living room. That sunset is spectacular!!!

  11. super scavenger snapping loved the doughnut in the swing!!!

  12. Fabulous finds, I like all your interpretations and the windmill is stunning.

  13. What a stunning sunset photograph. You have a great collection.

  14. They are some great pictures, love that you watched the fishing programme just to get a picture, the things we do just for a picture :)

  15. great photos, you have a beautiful view.

  16. So many of these made me giggle. I love. The idea of you taking a picture of the televisio

  17. These are great. And your commentary made me giggle. I love the idea of you taking a pix of the television!
    The windmill and your photo of it are stunning.
    Thanks for playing along and linking up today.

  18. Can't believe I didn't think of Wilton windmill! I was hoping for the more traditional type, rather the energy producing kind I ended up with. Very clever to take a picture of Robson Green, my husband is a fan of that show. Beautiful sunset and the napping angel is adorable.

  19. So glad I stopped by, the gym sign made me laugh out loud. And I've a bit of a crush on Robson Green, didn't know he was a fisherman - it doesn't fit my image of him, but I won't hold it against him.

  20. great collection - the things we do for the hunt - sitting through a fishing programme! love the upside down clouds

  21. Greetings from Virginia, USA
    Enjoyed your photos very very much...
    along with your ingenuity ;)
    Rinda certainly created a fun atmosphere for people all over the globe!