Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Simple Woman's Daybook - Sunday 22nd September 2013


Outside my window ... it is cloudy with a few patches of beautiful blue sky.  There is no breeze and it is warmer than yesterday.

I am thinking ... about life and what I want from it. 

I am thankful ... for my friends who are always there for me.  My car is in need of attention and I have to put it into the garage during the coming week, which of course happens to be a very busy week when I desperately need my own transport.  Julie, without hesitation, offered me the use of her car until I can get mine sorted. I know how lucky I am! 

In the kitchen ... there is a chicken and mushroom casserole cooking away in my new shiny red slow cooker. The 'shiny red' will obviously make the food taste better!  When I finish this post I'm going to cook a batch of chilli and a batch of shepherd pies for the freezer - the ingredients are ready and waiting for me to get started.

I am wearing ... all the colours of the rainbow - I look like a 3 year old who has dressed herself.  I've been without a washing machine for a couple of weeks and am now playing catch up so this morning I just picked anything that was clean!

I am creating ... order out of chaos.  Decluttering is going well and I'm starting to feel that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel - with the inside of the house at least.

I am going ... to phone my niece to wish her a Happy Birthday.  She live in Wales so we don't get to meet up as often as I would like but phone calls and Facebook help.

I am wondering ... when to restart the degree course.  My initial plan was to start in the new year but I was reading through the course manual during the week and am now starting to feel that sooner rather than later will be better.  The need to produce work in a reasonable timescale will be another good structure in my life.  We'll see!

I am reading ... '15 Seconds' by Andrew Gross.  It hasn't really grabbed my attention but I'll keep going until I finish it.

I am hoping ... that the car repair isn't going to be too expensive.  Fingers crossed!

I am looking forward to ... tasting the onion bread I bought this morning. I couldn't resist it, it looked so delicious and practically begged me to put it in my shopping basket!

I am learning ... the value of routine.  Now that I'm back teaching and so, as a necessity, have to organise my time properly I am starting to appreciate the benefits of having some order in my life and a proper (though flexible) structure to my day.    

Around the house ... I can hear the washing machine working away to create me another pile of ironing.  I'm in the dining room and can hear Classic FM on the radio in the kitchen - it seems to be all I listen to at the moment and I'm finding the music an effective way of relaxing.  If I listen carefully I can also hear the fan on my laptop and the mumble of my neighbours in their garden.  It is very peaceful here, a good place to heal.

I am pondering ... plans for improving my health and fitness, still!  At some stage I need to stop planning and do something.  I have been walking a bit more than usual but if I'm honest with myself it doesn't add up to enough exercise in a week so I still need to work out how to do more. 

One of my favourite things ... using my favourite fountain pen filled with black ink to write a letter on good quality white writing paper.

A few plans for the rest of the week: I'm teaching every day so I don't get a day off this week, band practice on Saturday, babysitting for Tinks and Tweenie tomorrow and then going to see a concert at the weekend in which one of my friends is performing.

A peek into my day ... I've been shopping for missing ingredients and plan a day in the kitchen cooking for the freezer.  I also have a couple of letters to write - I still write (snail mail) to a friend from college and also to a penfriend who I first wrote to when we were eleven, all those years ago.
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  1. The chicken & mushroom casserole sounds delicious - especially in a bright red crockpot! I love using the crockpot and how the smells permeate the house, making a tantilizing delight to the senses.

  2. Just getting to grips with a slow cooker and wondering how I managed all these years without one. Then I remembered that the bottom oven in the Aga was my slow cooker for a long time until my life went through a serious upheaval. Never too old to learn eh?

  3. I enjoyed reading your Daybook. That's great that you've written to your friend for many years. People don't seem to do that anymore. I'm trying to find ways to get more order in my life and home, too. I hope you have a great week!