Wednesday, 30 October 2013

BlogtoberFest Day 30: October Scavenger Hunt

I'm joining in with Greenthumb's Photo Scavenger Hunt - many thanks to her for organising this every month.

orange - a munchkin pumpkin bought on a shopping trip to Sainsburys

2 - part of a hopscotch grid in a school playground

flower - Gypsophila, included in the bouquet I was given recently

rubbish - the result of DIY waiting to go to the skip

emotion - the tears of a clown, my Pierrot doll

flight - one of the hangliders at Westbury White Horse

homemade - my sister's latest crochet project, a child's blanket

black and white - the panda Ced had as a baby so
it's now 74 years old!

coffee time - with a Danish pastry and a good book

balloon - this one flew over my house low enough for me to
 talk to the occupants who wanted to know where they were!

weather cock - on the top of Hilperton Church

fridge magnet - lots of them at my sister's home


  1. Great selection, I had a panda as a child as well which I still have, hence my love of pandas. xx

  2. Thanks so much for taking part in this months scavenger hunt. Great photo of the ballon, weather cock, and I love the idea of the panda, I still have my teddy bear my dad gave me the day I was born.

  3. Great photos, I love that you could talk to the occupants of the balloon!

  4. A great collection of photos, I love the panda and the balloon!

  5. Love the look of your danish. That balloon is a great picture.

  6. Love your photos, Eileen! A 74-year old panda bear ~ amazing! And it's so cute! I loved playing hopscotch as a kid! Take Care!

  7. Great photo finds :) Funny about the people up in the balloon asking where they were ;) That brought a chuckle. That Danish pastry looks delicious and just wonderful photos all round.

  8. Great interpretations. Emotion was a good choice and one I struggled with. I also really like your 2, balloon, and coffee time (with my favourite danish pastry!) x

  9. Lovely photos. The panda is my favorite, I hope my "Big Ted" is still around in 74 years. Doesn't a Danish pastry pair well with coffee!

  10. Great photographs. Liked B&W and Emotion...that was a tricky one.

  11. What lovely photos- I had to smile about the balloon image and I took almost an identical hopscotch one for 2, then decided to change it at the last minute- great minds think alike:)