Monday, 14 October 2013

BlogtoberFest Day 14: Staverton Sewing Bee

A leaflet has just come through the door advertising the start of a weekly sewing bee in the village.  I've been thinking about joining one of these as a way of getting to meet some different people but the ones I have seen have either been daytime or too far away.
I have no excuse with this one as it is to be held in the village hall which is about five minutes walk from my home.  It will be on a Tuesday evening, so it doesn't clash with anything else I have planned and it is only £3 a time so is not too expensive.
In the past I haven't really  been a clubby sort of person, but ... my life is different now and this is an easy and cheap alternative to sitting at home alone and will be doing something I enjoy.  So I'm going to give it a try. Two things helped me make up my mind. Firstly,  the sewing bee is called 'Dufflebobble Crafts' which is such a brilliant name and secondly, on the leaflet they ask 'do you quilt, embroider, dress-make or upcycle your PJs or do you create masterpieces with knickers?' - I just have to go to see if anyone does actually create masterpieces with knickers! Sorry, strange sense of humour, I know. Also, there is a mention of cake!!
It starts next week so between now and then I have to sort out a project to take.  I don't want to take my sewing machine so am looking for a hand sewing project and one that is easy to carry around.  Any ideas?


  1. Love the name of the group, I'm sure you'll enjoy it, especially with cake as an added attraction. You could try hex quilting, cut out lots of hexes and then handstitch them together.