Saturday, 5 October 2013

BlogtoberFest Day 5: Weekly Snippets

It has been a tough week, mainly because I've caught a stinking cold from one of the little darlings I teach and have felt really rough.  I was sent home on Monday but have managed to work every day since and am now at the pathetic & feeling sorry for myself stage.
Kids, being kids, have taken advantage of my loss of voice and have been very chatty and a real handful ... they are in for a shock this coming week as my voice is back to full strength and it will be heard.  Definitely!
October means it's the Trowbridge Arts Festival, part of which is a photo marathon.  I've never bothered to investigate this before but this year I decided to have a go.
It is organised by one of the local coffee shops so this morning I toddled down there to get an entry form and find out what it is all about.  I was really looking forward to it but have ended up feeling slightly disappointed - in describing it as a 'marathon' I thought there would be a requirement for a large number of photos but it is just a list of 10 words for which I need to produce a digital image representing each word, so basically a photo scavenger hunt.  The only condition is that the images have to be presented on the memory card in the order that they are listed on the entry form and all entries have to be in by 3:00pm tomorrow. 
The words are 'start - animal - fruit - white - duck - 16 - box - cross - noise - hot'.  Nothing too difficult, but the timescale doesn't work for me this weekend so I don't know if I'll actually enter but may just do the images in longer time for my own amusement.
Next weekend is the October Dewey's Read-a-thon which I'd like to take part in but I needed some more undemanding reads and didn't want to buy anything new as I still have about 40 new books to work my way through.  I didn't feel any of these were suitable (they are all quite long, 'proper' reads which were chosen to kick start my brain) and I know from experience that I'd be better with some detective novels or similar.
The library was an option but is now unnecessary as Alison turned up at band with 9 books for me.  We always pass our books on to each other and I'd say at least 5 of them look promising for the read-a-thon.
When I went into town this morning I bumped into an ex work colleague who I haven't seen for years.  He is in much the same situation as me as his dad died earlier this year and is working his way through the bereavement process.  I was in a rush to get to band so we are going to meet up, together with some other ex work mates, for lunch one weekend in the near future.  Something to look forward to.

Apart from that, the rest of the week has been laundry (lots), cooking (a little), reading (2 books) and watching TV (an embarrassing amount!).  Oh, and Laura, Brian and kids came round for a meal.
Hope you all had a good week.


  1. Sorry to hear you're feeling poorly, Eileen, and hope you feel better soon. Nothing worse than the first cold of the season. Oli has one at the moment, so odds are I'll come out with it in a day or so. Have to say the photo marathon does sound a bit pathetic, and they dont give you long to do it do they?
    Joy xx

  2. Hope the cold goes soon, children do take advantage!! You would think the marathon would be at least 26 photos!! Still enjoy Sunday. xx

  3. Hope your are feeling better soon eileen, shame about the 'marathon' but it will be interesting to see your take on the subjects. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.