Monday, 28 October 2013

BlogtoberFest Day 28: A Night at the Theatre

Last night, despite the appalling weather conditions, I went to Salisbury City Hall to see Sandi Toksvig on stage in her touring show, My Valentine.

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I'd decided that going to the theatre was one type of activity I was happy to do alone, so a few weeks ago I bought a ticket and off I went.  It's a nice straight run from home to Salisbury and usually takes about an hour but yesterday the rain had left lots of surface water so it took me about 80 minutes to get there, not too bad considering.  I did have a few anxious moments about whether to go or not but in the end decided to get on with it and I'm so glad I did.
I know that she's not everyone's cup of tea but I've always liked her humour and I'm so glad I went.  I laughed so much my sides ached. It was a brilliant evening and I'll definitely go and see her again one day.
The drive home was much worse (took about 100 minutes) but I arrived back safe and sound and very much cheered up.
Today, the effects of the storm can be seen everywhere.  My home is fine, no damage at all but there are lots of damaged trees around with fallen branches across the roads.  There is a power cut on my side of town so I'm writing this post at a friend's house and next I'm off to the library and then to do a bit of shopping.  Hopefully the power will be back on by the time I get home.  Hope you are all safe and weren't too badly hit by the storm.


  1. I'm so pleased you enjoyed your evening, despite the horrendous conditions, and hope you now have power back on.
    Joy xx

  2. Good for you for braving the storm and going out. So glad you enjoyed it as well. I might have to look out for that one. xx