Tuesday, 8 October 2013

BlogtoberFest Day 8: Decluttering

Maybe I'm naive but I didn't expect decluttering the house to be such an emotional experience.  Time consuming, but not emotional!  I've now opened all of the boxes and have decided on the things I am definitely going to keep, all of which I have found a place for and it is put away and being used, or will be used.  Opening all the boxes brought to light so many things I'd forgotten about, it's surprising how quickly we forget isn't it. That was stage 1.

Stage 2 will take a lot more time, maybe a year or longer.  I have the living room, dining room, kitchen and master bedroom reasonably tidy and sorted but this is what's left to do ...

I can't even face photographing the state of the garage!

It may look a mess but it is sorted to a degree, honestly!!  I do know where everything is now.  Most of it will be sold at car boot sales or on eBay and there is a lot of Ced's stuff which needs to go to specialist dealers, such as the meccano, coins and medals. That's the stuff that will take the time to sell and get the right price. 

It is the decision making that is the emotional challenge.  I'm fine when I comes to my own possessions and even the things we bought together.  If I still like it or I need to use it then it stays, if not it goes.  Easy decision.  The problem starts with Ced's things, his treasures.  Some of his things I love and I'll keep but I have no real interest in most of it. That's the sensible side of my brain in action.  However, actually making myself get on with disposing of his possessions is another game all together and it feels like I'm putting him out of my life.  Intellectually, I know that is fanciful and completely untrue.  I'll always have the memories and I can photograph everything that goes. But.  It's hard.

Julie and Lauren are coming to tea on Thursday and after the meal we plan to sort out some things ready for the first sale.  I'm also going to show Julie how to sell on eBay as she's never done it before but wants to learn. I'm concentrating on the room in the final photo.  This currently houses the freezer, washing machine and tumble dryer and was used by the previous owners as a sort of utility room.  I plan to change it back to its original use so it will be my study and this is where I'll keep my piano and other instruments and also the computer and printer.  This is the carrot to make me get on with the decluttering.  If I want the study back, then I need to sell things as that's how I plan to finance it. I'm not setting myself a timescale but I'll let you know how I get on.


  1. I so understand what you mean about getting rid of stuff, I have stuff of mum's that I know I don't want to keep but feel like I am being unfaithful to her if I do get rid of them - which is daft. She passed away 7yrs ago now!! It is very very hard. xx

  2. Very difficult to get rid of possessions that you do not really want, but feel bad about doing so.....I still have a lot of things, including a box of very old black and white photos, a sofa etc... that were left to me by an old friend. I have managed to sell some things, but it has taken me longer that I thought....so understand what you mean.. Good luck x :)

  3. It's hard when you are trying to be practical when the emotional pull kicks in. But I think it will take time and you have to be gentle on yourself. Sounds like you are being sensible not setting a timescale xx