Saturday, 15 March 2014

The Simple Woman's Daybook - Saturday 15th March 2014


Outside my window ... there was a beautiful sunset tonight (which I managed to photograph) but the light has now gone and it is pitch black.

I am thinking ... about the last year, my first year without Ced.  The anniversary of his death earlier this month seems to have set me off again and it has been a weepy couple of weeks.

I am thankful ... for all the years I had with Ced.

In the kitchen ... it is all tidy, washing up done and put away, rubbish taken out to the bin.  I'm organised for once!

I am wearing ... red, white and black.  Skirt, t-shirt and cardigan.  It is nearly time to shop for some new clothes in a smaller size.

I am creating ... nothing yet, but I have ordered a kit to make a quilt for the smallest bedroom.  I couldn't resist it and am looking forward to trying machine quilting.

I am going ... to have my cards read.  I admit to not being sure that I really believe in this but Julie wanted to go (and she does take it seriously) so I'm going with her.  I've been surprised how many people I've mentioned it to actually take it seriously.   I'll let you know how I get on.

I am wondering ... about all sorts of things really, all very much to do with Ced.  Mostly happy thoughts and memories but wondering about where he is now, what happens next, etc.

I am reading ... nothing. I've had a busy time since I took on my new pupils and haven't had enough spare time to read properly so gave up on the book I was reading.

I am hoping ... that we've seen the end of the cold, wet weather.  I need some warm sunny days to cheer me up.

I am looking forward to ... my holiday in May.  I don't teach during SATS week so have booked a little cottage near St Austell in Cornwall.  As well as lots of sightseeing,  I'll be meeting up with Karen which I'm really looking forward to.

I am learning ... about local history, people and events, my theme for the A to Z Challenge in April.

Around the house ... there are piles of papers from the ongoing decluttering.  I'm waiting to borrow a shredder which will deal with about half of it and then the remainder can be sorted properly and filed away.

I am pondering ... everything and nothing.  My brain is too busy to think straight.  Roll on the Easter break!

One of my favourite things ... walking along the canal towpath.  A good place to walk, to remember, to relax, to take photographs.

A few plans for the rest of the week ...
  • Sunday - gardening.  My brother in law and nephew are digging up the lawn.
  • Monday - teaching, having my cards read in the evening
  • Tuesday - shopping, then teaching in the afternoon
  • Wednesday - teaching
  • Thursday - teaching
  • Friday - teaching
  • Saturday - band practice in the morning, then relaxing at home

A peek into my day ... band practice this morning, housework this afternoon, blogging and TV this evening.

A favourite quote for today ...

'without music life would be a mistake', Friedrich Nietzsche


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog post! I am curious what kind of a teacher you are. I'm a reading teacher in the morning and a tutor in the afternoon out of my home.

    1. I teach brass and woodwind instruments to primary school children (aged 7 to 11).