Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Weigh In Wednesday [12]

Another 2lbs lost so a total loss to date of 1 stone 5 lbs.

Apart from the first couple of weeks, this loss is entirely due to sensible eating and calorie counting - no exercising at all.  I'd originally planned to do the 5/2 eating plan but have shelved that idea for the time being - there's no point changing something that is working.  I've been reading up on the NHS suggestion of having one day a week with fewer calories than needed and one day a week with more calories than needed.  The thinking behind this is that these two changes to the daily calories intake keeps your metabolism working harder and helps encourage weight loss.  I may try this approach as it will definitely make eating out easier.
I know that I will have to start getting more active at some stage as there is no way I will lose all the weight by calorie counting alone.  Now the warming weather is here I feel more inclined to get out and about so will try to add some walks into my routine.
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  1. Well done, you are doing so well. The better weather definitely makes a difference. x

  2. Great loss! But help a girl out, how much does a stone weigh??

  3. Good loss :) Thanks for linking up. Those are heavy stones... would take me forever to lose a stone it feels like lol