Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Tuesday Ten

Today, for the first time, I am joining in with a new meme I've found which is organised by Lisa @ The Golden Spoons and Rabia @ The Liebers

The Golden Spoons

If you turn your purse (handbag) upside down what are ten things that would fall out?

I have to admit that I very rarely carry a handbag these days but on the rare occasions that I do, this it what would fall out ...

1.  My keys.  I keep my car keys and house keys on the same ring.  Also store clubcards and four key rings making quite a weight and which I keep thinking I need to do something about, but never get around to!  There is a fairy key ring, a quavers (music notes) key ring, a trigger from an antique flintlock pistol and one that says 'it's going to take more than an aromatherapy candle to rescue me from the day I've had'.

2.  My phone.  I'm not into constantly texting or speaking on the phone but I like to have it with me in case of an emergency.  It has a useful 5 megapixel camera which is another (more important) reason for carrying it around with me.

3.  My purse.  This contains a credit card, prescription card, library card and a small amount of change. I only carry larger amounts of cash with me if I am planning a shopping trip - that way I don't impulse buy!

4.  My diary.  This has been a relatively recent inclusion as I never previously felt the need to carry a diary - I always remembered everything I had to and didn't feel the need to write it down.  The diary became a necessity during the time I was caring for Ced, when I kept double-booking myself and forgetting birthdays, so I eventually started writing it down.  I can't get on with the calendar on my phone, so this is a proper 'paper, write in it' type book.

5.  A pencil.  So that I can update the diary! I love writing with a proper fountain pen but too many memories of leaking pens means that it's a pencil in my bag these days.   I seem to have to reschedule lots of arrangements so using a pencil (that can be erased) also helps with the fact that I don't like to cross things out - I like it to look as neat as possible. What can I say, I'm strange that way!

6.  My medicines. I take prescription medicines every day for hypertension and I always carry a supply with me.  I started doing this when Ced was in hospital so that I could stay the night with him if necessary and not have to worry about the hassle of arranging for someone to bring my meds to the ward for me.  I just haven't got out of the habit.  I also carry a prescription medicine for migraine headaches as it is only effective if taken early enough.

7.  My notebook.  I'm a list sort of person so the notebook is full of lists - ideas for photo themes, lists for the scavenger hunts, shopping lists, to-do lists, favourite authors, books I want to read, plants I like, ideas for places to go .... I add to it as and when I need to ... using my pencil (see number 5 on this list)!

8.  A novel.  I always carry a paperback novel with me. If I am meeting up with friends and family and arrive at the pub/restaurant too early I usually sit in my car and read while I'm waiting.  If I'm out on my own and go into a cafe, I like to sit and read while I'm waiting for my food to arrive.

9.  Some tissues.  Particularly during the summer months as I suffer from hay fever so need to constantly blow my nose.

10.  A photo of Ced.  I don't keep it in my purse and don't remember how it found its way in to my handbag but this is where it lives for the time being, in the side pocket.  It is slightly larger than a passport size photo and is one I took of him working in his workshop just before his health started to deteriorate.  It is the last photo I took of him where he still looks healthy.

Now I've thought about it, with the exception of number ten, all of these things would fall out of any bag I have with me - my teaching bag (number 10 would then be music books) or my camera bag (number 10 would be the camera and/of camera lens) are the bags I usually have with me.


  1. Sp glad you joined us this week! I love that you keep that photo in there - very sweet!

  2. Great list....I have many of the same items on mine.

  3. I've got a lot of the same items on mine too. :) I definitely sympathize with the need to make an appointment list look as neat as possible... it's the little things, right?

  4. I always have a little notebook in my purse and a pencil! I'd be lost without a place to write things down!

  5. I always wish I had more photos with me. I always feel like a bad mom because I don't have a brag book to show off.