Memorandum Monday

A bright and sunny Monday afternoon wave to Sian and all the other Mondayers. I've been racking my brains to think of anything new I've done, seen or heard over the last week but I'm struggling to come up with anything much, so just a short list of things to tell this time.

I have a drum kit in my house for the first time ever - don't worry, I have no plans to start playing the drums, I just drew the short straw on Saturday when the band played at a local fete and I ended up bringing half the kit home with me.  So that's just a nuisance, and doesn't really count as 'something new'.

My new bookcases for the music room were delivered this morning.  They'll be assembled and installed tomorrow, so then I can get on with the long overdue task of sorting out the sheet music. I chose the Billy bookcases (from Ikea) in the end opting for practicality and price, rather than the other ones I'd preferred but which were about four times more expensive and a lot smaller.  

My only other new thing is that I have cooked on my 'new' induction hob for the 'first time'.  It's not really much different from cooking on gas, which is what I had before, just a lot cleaner and looks smarter.  I'm happy I made the change. I'll be even happier when the rest of my new induction saucepans arrive so that I can cook a proper meal - having only one saucepan that works on induction hobs is limiting the meal choices!

I'll take some photos of the kitchen etc. later in the week when it's all finished and everything is back in its proper place.  Until then, I hope you all have a lovely week with lots of interesting and fun things planned.


  1. Seemed lije a few new things came your way last week and this week. Also seems like things are coming together too with your projects.


  2. Ooh, new book cases are always a very good thing! We've been in our house ten years now and I'm still waiting for us to replace all the shelves we had to leave built in in the last place. So hurray for new shelves. And for an induction hob: very fast it is. Enjoy it...

    ..and the rest of the week

  3. I must admit I chuckled about you bringing the drum kit home. We also chose the Billy bookcases from Ikea :)

    Happy cooking week ahead

  4. All pretty good new things to me! We have the Billy bookcases, they work very well for us! Hope that the drum kit doesn't have to stay for too long!

  5. We swapped to an induction hob last year.It's fab ... and so much cleaner. Enjoy it x

  6. I have a ceramic hob but didn't go for induction. Couldn't bear to part with my lovely saucepans that were mainly wedding presents and I have so many different pans.

  7. Oh my post involved bookcases as well. Hope you get it all sorted into place.


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