Sunday, 29 May 2016

What a Difference a Day Makes ......

..... twenty-four little hours .....

You're all singing that song now aren't you?

Anyway, a few bursts of energy yesterday afternoon and for most of this morning and now the rooms look like this.

I've been concentrating on the things that are not band related or the sheet music - that all still has to be done.  The twenty boxes I started with have been sorted through and I've ended up deciding to only keep two box loads - one with things for the dresser when that's installed and one filled with stuff that'll be kept in the spare bedroom - things like instruction books and guarantees, prior year tax documents, family tree research.   

The majority of the stuff is being donated to charity but there's also a few things to give to friends/family or to be sold.  I've collected up the various tools around the house and most of them are moving out to the garage, just keeping a few useful ones indoors.  All the rest of the stuff is going to the skip.  

I've also started packing up some of the books ready to take them to the National Trust - each time I go upstairs I bring a stack down with me and so far have filled five carrier bags, but I'm not even a quarter way through that task yet.

I've had enough for today so will have a restful afternoon reading, and probably dozing - it was hot last night and I didn't sleep too well! - but I'll do some more tomorrow and then on Tuesday will do the skip run and charity shop donations.


  1. You're setting me a good example, Eileen, I shall definitely attempt to declutter BEFORE we move.

  2. You are definitely an inspiration. I have made a rule this year (because of the amount of stuff that was coming from father-in-law's house) that for everything that comes in two things must go out. I am actually a little ahead with the outgoing stuff and have three boxes headed for the charity shop and five bags of clothes for the Salvation Army and the night shelter. Reading your blog has inspired me when I was flagging

  3. Good for you for de-cluttering like this! Good to get a burst of energy and act on it and get so much accomplished!


  4. My goodness you have been busy!