May Scavenger Hunt

I'm joining in for the first time with Hawthorn Spellweaver's monthly photo scavenger hunt.  It started in April and I had every intention of joining in .... and then life got in the way and I forgot!

Here's my photos for May 2016 ....

1. Path
the path around the lake at Coate Water Park

2. Hairy
Ced's cactus, which luckily thrives on neglect!

3. Edible
a special trip to Palmer Gardens cafe to buy a cherry scone to photograph for this prompt!

4. Small
the smallest of the 
matryoshka dolls, 1 cm tall
[looks like I should have dusted the piano before I took this photo!]

5. Poem
here's 'Duck's Ditty' from Wind in the Willows

6. Hands
H enjoying a mug of hot chocolate

7. Vintage
1930s petrol pumps in Steeple Ashton

8. Shadows
the shadow of the honeysuckle on the back fence

9. View from a window
the north-east tower of Farleigh Castle, seen through the car window

10. My own choice
a silhouette of a dandelion clock

Thanks to Hawthorn Spellweaver and Eldest for the list.


  1. These are a m a z i n g ! Both the subject choice and the execution. Faves: the path, vintage and the dandelion clock. And small (although before I scrolled down fully and saw titch along with the caption, I wondered what on earth I was looking at!) Good work. Is this the new camera in action?

    1. Thank you. No, these were taken with the Nikon. I need to sort out my own laptop (possible virus) so until I've done that I am using Ced's laptop to do photos and update this blog. Ced's laptop can't handle the Canon card (too big) and only has a card reader for the Nikon card (which is a lot smaller).

  2. Wow - Nice one Eileen - love your interpretations, your dandelion is brilliant :) Thank you for joining in :)

  3. All great; I liked the look through the window, #9 :)

    nicely done!


  4. Great to have you joining in and am loving the way we all interpret the choices. I have noticed most have hairy as a plant, except Eldest's which is so cute. My favourite is your last one of the silhouette. That is so clever. Must brush up on my photography skills. Take care.

  5. Brilliant finds - I want to walk that path & go wandering around that tower ruins (& church).

  6. Fabulous photos, Eileen. The vintage petrol pumps are fantastic.

  7. Wow I really love your tiny Russian doll! I've also started to join in the scavenger hunt, I think it's a fab way of getting to know other bloggers!

  8. These are fabulous Eileen. Wonderful use of depth of field in "small" . I also really like the path, it makes me want to wander down it. Very neat silhouette.

  9. What a fantastic set of professional looking photos! The path, vintage and your own choice are in joint 1 place if I had to vote; if I was pushed I'd select path as my true no 1. Great interpretation too.

  10. I love the path picture those trees are a wonderful shade of green. I hope you enjoyed that scone! I love the dandelion that photo is amazing!

  11. Eileen, your photos are always absolutely breath-taking! I LOVE your dandelion silhouette! That is beautiful as is the fully-seen, hairy one!!! I love your dolls-what a large number of them there are!!!! Clever, clever photo! I'd definitely like to walk on that path!x


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