Monday, 1 August 2016

Memorandum Monday

A Monday morning wave to Sian and all my fellow Mondayers.

I'm sitting at the desk in my newly finished (well, very nearly finished!) hobbies room to type this post. It's the 'first' time I've used this room since I moved in three years ago because until recently the room had only ever been used to store all of my late partner's things. Today is all about organising the 'new' cupboards and making the space work for me.  I say 'today', but realistically it will take most of the week. Exciting times though!

Another 'first' was going to see The BFG.  Somehow, the Roald Dahl stories passed me by so The BFG story was completely 'new' to me.  This is obviously a major gap in my education so I've added some of his books to my ever growing to-read list.

And finally, I played a pBuzz for the 'first' time.  This is a completely 'new' type of musical instrument, designed to be easy to play and the perfect introduction to brass playing for small children. We have lots of siblings waiting around during Saturday morning practices who are too young to join the band, so we're investigating the possibility of running a mini music club for them, using these instruments, until they are old enough to join the beginners band on their chosen brass instrument.

Hope you all have a good week.


  1. I think that is a great idea with the mini music club for the siblings :)


  2. You complete enabler, you! I followed your link and we decided it would be perfect for our flute player to use with the younger Guides when she volunteers at camp next month. I've just ordered one. You might have started something here :) thank you

  3. The mini band sounds a great idea. I loved reading the Roald Dahl stories to the children. His short stories for adults are also very good if not rather rather quirky. My favourite? The frozen lamb murder but don't worry I am not thinking of putting it into practice!

  4. Things sound delightfully fun, and musical, in your neck of the woods.