Memorandum Monday

A sunny Monday morning wave to Sian and the other Monday bloggers.

This week, for the 'first' time ever, I watched The Great British Bake Off, and I now intend to follow the entire series (but I'm not very good at remembering to watch TV, so we'll see how it goes!). I can see why people are addicted to it and next week I'll make sure I have some cake to munch whilst I'm watching it!

The delivery I was waiting in for last Monday did arrive but I still can't show it to you as it hasn't been installed yet, mainly due to the decorator starting two days later than he promised.  It has been a very frustrating weekend; two no shows from the decorator and two more no shows from a landscape gardener who promised to visit to look, and quote, for the work in the garden.  I haven't had a completely wasted weekend because there is plenty to do here, but I was stuck at home on Saturday and Sunday waiting for them to turn up when I could have gone out. I haven't been a happy bunny and there have been tears (of frustration) about it. I'm okay today though as the decorator is here and is busy in the dining room, making good progress.  It'll be finished tomorrow and then I will be able to get that room in order.

I think it must be one of those weekends - a man was supposed to be coming to see the desk I have for sale but hasn't turned up yet, even though he chose the date and the time. He's now over an hour late - what is it with people, why can't they stick to what they say?  Luckily, I had no plans to go out because of the decorating but that's not the point. Okay, moan over .....

I'm going to curl up on the sofa with my book and just relax for the rest of the day. Oh, and I'll have a takeaway tonight, rather than try to cook in the partially decorated kitchen/dining room (any old excuse!). Hope you all have a good week.


  1. I agree so frustrating when people don't come when they said and don't bother to let you know either - hope this week is better

  2. How frustrating for you. I personally think it's very rude when people don't turn up when they say. When all the decorating is done you can look back, enjoy the work done and put it down to an experience.

  3. All this decorating and landscaping sounds exciting! Waiting for people is a chore in itself. I don't understand why people are so non-committal about appointments either. I'm usually there on time (even if it means being there on the dot without a minute to spare!). Enjoy your book ;)

  4. The Bakeoff An Extra Slice is also a good watch.

  5. I too am a Bake Off late developer - only caught on last year, and then not from the start of the series. (Ian, one of the 2015 participants, is a friend of a friend.) I too watched last week and wonder how this series will compare.
    As for all the cancellations and no-shows, I truly sympathise as I have had a LOT of that these last few weeks. It's a mystery to me... But I'm sure your jobs will get done in the end and it will all be worthwhile. Have a good week Eileen.

  6. Enjoy your bake off viewings. It amazes me how they can keep it going year after year.

  7. Trying to get workmen to quote is so frustrating. Argh!

    I'm not a baker at all, but Bake Off has sucked me in. A bit like Strictly: every year I say that I've had enough and want to try watching something else and every year I give in.

    Wishing you a productive and satisfying week

  8. It is frustrating when people don't show up or show up later than they said they would be there without a call. You wonder how some people/companies stay in business with customer service like that.


  9. All this no showing when commitments made is just rude. I thought work was much needed, well jobs are few here in Ontario, but it seems it doesn't matter. I was told to chill - so I did, I chilled so much I froze "him" out of the job. We really enjoy The Great British Bakeoff & it makes me quite envious of the abilities these folks have.

  10. I would love to be able to see the new season of the GBB!
    Hope your week is less frustrating Eileen.

  11. Oh it is so annoying waiting for people to turn up, I have waited in all morning today for a parcel as they sent a text to say it will be delivered today, after a phone call it is now coming tomorrow so I have wasted a morning!

    I have yet to watch The Great British Bakeoff regularly I usually watch just a few episodes and then the final.

  12. This Great British Bake-off must be quite the thing. Being on a diet, I'll not be looking into whether we get it over here or not.


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