Friday, 5 August 2016

Five on Friday | Love the Little Things

Read | I finished reading 'Little Boy Blue' by M J Arlidge. It was an okay read and I'll look out for the next one in the series, but I didn't enjoy this story as much as the earlier ones.  I haven't decided what to read next but I have plenty to choose from - about 200 books!

Watched | I watched 'Eat Well For Less' again, the rest of the Harry Potter films and watched the first episode of the new series of 'Suspects'. 

Heard | Nothing much. I've had the radio on from time to time but haven't really been listening, so no ..... nothing!

Made | I've made a decision on the layout of the garden .... finally! I'm waiting for the price to be confirmed and then it should be done mid to late September. Of course, that's assuming that the price is acceptable, so fingers and everything else crossed please!

Worn | The same as last week .... leggings and baggy t-shirts. I've been at home all week so haven't made any effort at all.

And Lastly ... I'm off to Stratford on Avon on Sunday, a day trip I booked months ago and which I've been looking forward to for ages. I don't think there will be enough time to see a play so I'll follow a town trail map and may do one of the tourist bus rides.

Thanks to Morgana for organising the Little Things, and to Amy for organising Five on Friday (although there is no link up in August as Amy is taking a break).


  1. Leggings are so comfortable though..

  2. Oooh getting the garden done is exciting - we finally got around to doing ours a couple of months ago and I love it now! Have a fab weekend! x

  3. Great news on the garden! Ours is woefully in need of a whole lot of TLC at the moment, yet alas none of us are green fingered! xx