Memorandum Monday

A Monday morning hello to Sian and all the rest of the Monday gang.

I was supposed to have lots to tell you today but things haven't gone according to plan so most of it will have to wait until next week now. I do have three things to tell though.

Following on from all the decluttering and sorting, I have lots of things that I want to sell so I've started listing some of the bigger and/or heavier things on Gumtree as 'cash only/buyer collects' transactions, and I'm happy to report that I've made my 'first' ever sale on the site. A shed which was left behind by the previous owners of my house had been dismantled a couple of years ago and was stored in the garage (taking up lots of room!) for all that time. The person who was supposed to be having it originally never bothered to collect it, despite lots of reminders, so I've sold it.  I now have plenty of space to sort out the rest of the stuff in the garage and decide what to do with it ..... that'll be this week's project.

I've had to find a 'new' decorator as I wasn't happy with the quality of work by the previous one. The new one comes highly recommended and is going to do the kitchen/dining room for me this coming weekend, so things are not too far behind schedule. At some stage I will have to have the hobbies room redone but at least it looks clean and bright, if not well painted(!), for the time being.

I also have a 'new' door number, but I can't show you as it reveals my full address.  It's like this one, and my neighbour kindly fitted it for me earlier in the week. 

I'm stuck at home today waiting for a delivery which, if it turns up, I will be able to tell you about next week. The only clue is that 'it' is going in the kitchen/dining room once the room has been decorated.

Hope you all have a good week.


  1. Well done on your sale! I hope that by this stage of the day your delivery has arrived and you are happily unpacking.

    Wishing you a good week

  2. Sounds like you are continuing with such gusto in the decluttering - yeah! A shed in the garage now gone - will you be able to put your car in there now?

    1. That's the longer term plan, but it'll be a while before I get to that stage.

  3. Well done on getting rid of the shed. Sorry the decorator proved to be not up to scratch. You do have a very calm response to all of this, I am impressed, I would be furious. Hope the delivery arrives soon.

  4. Nifty door number - those kinds of details can really make a difference. I hope the rest of your redecorating goes smoothly.

  5. I've just bought numbers to put up on the new front door here - and the back gate as deliveries are told to go around there ;) Glad you were able to swap decorators without a hassle.


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