Upstairs and Downstairs

I feel like I'm reliving my childhood today. I've been banished upstairs (well, I've banished myself) and can't work downstairs ..... a) because it's too noisy and b) because I know I'll just be in the way. N is busy laying the new flooring in the kitchen/dining room and then on Thursday and Friday, A will be here to decorate, which means that another room will be finished .... photos to follow!

Today's plan is to spend a couple of hours upstairs, dealing with some of the stuff currently piled in the small bedroom.  It's already been sorted and boxed, and each box is labelled as either 'keep' or 'sell', so the task now is to find a place in the new cupboards for the 'keeps' and to photograph the 'sells' ready to start doing the adverts. It's going to take a mammoth effort to get all the 'sells' photographed but my priority is to get all the 'keeps' put away over the next few days - not only can I start enjoying all my stuff again but it'll give me more space to work on the 'sells'. My thinking is that I'll make better progress by dealing with a couple of boxes of the 'sells' at a time, rather than rushing at it and trying to get it all done in one go so that's the way I'm going to tackle it.

Yesterday, I moved some stuff from the cupboards in the music room upstairs to the hobbies room (shredder, personal papers, camera equipment).  This gives me more room downstairs to better organise the music and instruments so now I'll be able to file the music books which are currently piled up in the corner of the living room. I'll be using the music room to do some private lessons from September, so need to push on and get the music put away in some sort of logical order so that it's easy to find quickly.  I've tried all sorts of systems over the years (by instrument, by ability, alphabetical, by composer, etc.) but haven't yet hit on one I'm totally happy with.  Maybe this time I'll get it right!

Okay, I can't put it off any longer .... I need to get on.  Hope you have a good day. 


  1. Slow & steady wins the race - you are certainly achieving a lot in your week so far. Your private music lessons sounds like a great way for you to pass on your knowledge & passion for music.

  2. I agree to tackle the sells a bit at a time. It can get overwhelming to keep track of items, having to perhaps get them ready for shipping, etc. You are definitely making progress in the right direction.


  3. Of course my mind immediately tries to fix the filing problem and I have juggled several "solutions" the best I can come up with is to primarily sort by instrument and then sort each classification alphabetically so Piano, Trombone Violin etc the each group alphabetical. OH there has to be a Misc section. Every filing system has a MIsc Grey Bits section. I think I need to blog about that


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