Monday, 1 May 2017

Memos, Mail, Me on Monday

A happy May Day wave to Sian and all the other Monday posters. I'd opted for a quiet, home alone, Bank Holiday weekend and I'm thankful I made that choice. Sleep is still very elusive and I tire easily as a result, so this weekend was an opportunity to chill and recharge the batteries for the week ahead.

I'm not sure that I really have anything new to tell you as I've already mentioned receiving the books from my sister, and told you about the crabapple tree in previous posts. Hang on a mo while I have a think  ....


okay, thought of something ... when I received my Ancestry DNA results I was originally notified of 96 links to potential 2nd, 3rd or 4th cousins. In the space of a week, that number has grown to 102 links and I've already received messages from some of them and have contacted others, trying to work out who our common ancestor is. Some I already knew (on paper), but it looks like it may now be possible to make a start on my paternal line, the one I was completely stuck on. The vast majority of the potential links will need a lot of research to identify the common ancestor as I don't recognise any of the surnames at all. Interestingly, a lot of the links are based in the USA, whereas all my previous research had only found connections in the UK and Ireland. I'm excited about the possibilities this is opening up. 

And that's all I have to tell you this time. I have another quiet day planned, although I think Julie and her youngest daughter will call in at some time during the day. I'm going to carry on with some online research, not ancestors, but plants and interesting garden stuff. I'm looking for a beehive shaped compost bin and also some ideas for perennials to fill the planting pockets that run down the right hand side of the garden.


  1. Eileen that sounds most fascinating about finding unknown relatives. I like the idea of spending a day looking for plants & garden fixtures. Happy week ahead.

  2. My husband just heard that his DNA testing is currently being done. I hadn't given much thought to how that might expand his genealogy research, but you've given me some clues. Happy garden planning!

  3. The ancestry thing is fascinating. I'm frightened to make a start because I think I'd get completely sucked in, to the detriment of my other hobbies! I wonder have you got some interesting gold prospecting American cousins, pioneers or cowboys..see my imagination is running riot already..

    Wishing you a good week Eileen, with some good sleep in there

  4. I enjoy family history too. Haven't done much in recent years, but was interested to hear about the 1939 Register recently. Find it fascinating trying to piece it all together.