Thursday, 4 May 2017

Take Three Thursday

Linking with Mary-Lou @ Patio Postcards for her weekly photo meme, sharing three photos with a common theme.

My three photos for today are of the 'pictures' I can see in some the garden paving. It's fossilised Indian sandstone and I realised, after I'd taken the photos, that I should have made them wet to enhance the colours. Sorry!


  1. WOW WOWOW - those are so cool. The second photo, it makes it look like a sky/land scene with the trees. Wet, dry, these are perfect. Thanks for joining in & thanks for noticing these amazing fossils.

  2. Lovely! Two of those could easily be framed.

  3. That is a brilliant idea. Love it!

  4. Great idea. What a wonderful excuse to sit on the patio. To see what patterns you can find.

  5. Amazing! At first sight I thought they were old Japanese watercolours!
    Wetting the paving might have been an idea - but the colours might also have lost their subtlety.
    All the best :)