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A very sunny Monday afternoon wave to Sian and the other members of the Monday crew.

It was back to teaching today after a busy weekend. I wasn't looking forward to it on such a hot day but it's the last week of term so I'm keep the the half term holiday (next week) firmly fixed in my sights.

Today, I made time for my first on-the-way-to-school-picnic-lunch, taking time to just sit and enjoy some quiet time ... or at least as quiet as it can be when you're parked by a busy(ish) country road. I stayed in the car this time, sitting in the front passenger seat with all the doors open and the car parked at just the right angle to catch some of the breeze. This was my view - the Alton Barnes White Horse.

After school, it was back home for another first ... today was the first dry day to sit outside and use my new garden furniture. It was delivered during the week and I'm completely happy with my choice. It has padded cushion seats for the chairs and the bench but it was too hot to use them today, but just as comfy without them. Taking time to sit outside with a mug of coffee and a good book (I'm re-reading To Kill A Mockingbird) and just relax from the efforts of the day is a lovely way to wind down and will definitely be a regular part of my routine!

Here's a photo of the new furniture. Sorry, it's not that wonky really; the photo was taken with my phone and I can't manage to straighten the image. You get the idea anyway.

Hope you all have a good week.


  1. Beautiful place for lunch. What a sky! (Is it possible I passed that white horse on the way to the stone circles? Or a different one?) The patio set is also very smart (patio queen Mary-Lou will be green-eyed!). Funny, I thought yesterday's photo was of a gate! Now I know.

  2. If you went to the stones at Avebury it is possible you drove past this horse but there is also one at Devizes and another at Cherhill. The one at Cherhill is more likely as it's on the side of the road leading up to the Beckhampton roundabout where you'd turn off for Avebury.

  3. A lovely place for a picnic and a great garden set. I read To Kill a Mockingbird for book club a while ago. It's a thought provoking read.

  4. Wonderful view for your picnic lunch in the car. I like your patio table & chairs - oh I can just imagine the wonderful lunches & tea entertaining out there ... happy week ahead

  5. What a beautiful set for your patio! It's been years since I read To Kill a Mocking Bird but it's one of those books that stays with you.

  6. It's been years since I read it too and I've been meaning to pick it up again soon.

    We don't have any white horses here, so I'm always interested to see a picture. Must be a lovely spot for a picnic!


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