Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Yesterday's Adventure

Yesterday I volunteered to accompany Year 1 and Year 2 children on their end of project trip to see two local castles. I had responsibility for six year ones and was delighted when one of the girls said that she was glad I was 'being a year one with them'! So, as an honorary year one we found our seats on the coach and started the are-we-there-yet part of the journey.

This was our first destination, Farleigh Castle, just a couple of miles from the school. I didn't take my camera with me yesterday because of the regulations about photographing the children, so the photos in this post are ones I've taken on previous visits to the castles.

Here the children had a treasure hunt where they had to match the photos in their books to places and objects they could see around the castle. They also had room in their books to sketch anything they wanted to, and also the opportunity to read about the history of the castle in a very big, child friendly book. The highlight for a lot of them seemed to be either sitting on the grass for their snack (apples) as soon as we arrived, or sitting on the grass for their picnic lunch at midday! 

Then it was back on the coach for the longer ride to the next castle, Nunney, about a 20 minute trip and we passed the time with a rather challenging game of 'I Spy' - challenging because quite a few haven't yet grasped that they have to be able to actually 'see' whatever they are asking the others to guess! 

The attraction of this castle was the moat! There was only time for a quick look round, one sketch of the castle and a walk round the outside of the moat - keeping very close to the wall and as far away from the water as possible. Nobody fell in, so I'm counting this as a success!

So, back to the coach and the return journey to school. It was a tiring, but full of fun day. Brilliant weather (dry, warm, bit of a breeze but not too sunny), and the children were so well behaved. It was lovely to have the opportunity to chat to them and experience their developing sense of humour. Best quote of the day at the first castle was 'my dad used to live here when he was a pirate'!!


  1. Like that someone feels his Dad was a pirate (col). Lovely day out. Your photos are great I really like the 3rd from the bottom of the castle & moat.

  2. What a great day out. I used to enjoy accompanying school trips when mine were at primary school. I also remember going to Farleigh Castle on a school trip myself. Very ambitious doing two!

  3. I love that quote. I used to really enjoy our educational visits when I was still teaching. Hard work and tiring, but such fun!
    J x

  4. I love the way children see things.

  5. Sounds like a lovely day ... and I too would have been thrilled by the little girl owning you in her Year One group. Gulp!

  6. How wonderful that the children were given an opportunity to sketch on the trip. I would have loved to have had that kind of inspiration. I got a real chuckle reading the comment about the dad being a pirate! Beautiful photographs; nothing here to compare with those castles.

  7. Yes summer educational visits - I've had a few adventures on those!! Sounds like yours was blissful and how nice that you offered to go - I'm not surprised your group loved having you as part of Year One :)
    Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace