Friday, 26 May 2017

Taking a Moment ...

... to be present. To still my butterfly mind. To appreciate what's around me.

Late Thursday afternoon I have three private pupils. I left home early to do some shopping first, but that didn't take as long as expected so I set out on the drive to their home knowing that I'd arrive way too early for their lessons.  A bit of 'me time' seemed like a good idea so I pulled over into a lay-by to enjoy the view through the car window. 

A few minutes of doing nothing, then there was just enough time for a short walk through the field on the other side of the hedge. It was too hot to walk far, but a promising location for a cooler day.


  1. That looks absolutely lovely and so restful and 'settling' too.
    J x

  2. Some lovely "me time" and goodness hasn't it been hot!

  3. A very pretty spot to rest by - great photos & perspective.

  4. Why not indeed! Lovely spot.
    Yes, I was working late into the night yesterday and my computer (I think the fan is going) decided to overheat. I have been having to keep the windows open to get a through draught to try and stop it happening. But better make the most of it - you know, when Wimbledon starts, so will the monsoon!