Friday, 29 July 2011

3 in 30 Challenge - July 2011, week 5


Here's the update on my July goals:
Goal 1
Finish the outstanding paperwork. I have to calculate and submit invoices and registers, issue reports and prepare folders for each school (5 of them) for next term.
Update 1: I've completed everything relating to the term just finished but still have to do the prep for next term. The ABRSM exam results are displaying online for the first time today so I can now finish all the reports.
Update 2: Just have to take the exam certificates to the Post Office and then this goal is completed.
    Goal 2
    Sort out the sheet music. I've let this get in a mess, there is music everywhere. I need to file it by instrument and decide what is staying and what is going. 
    Update 1: Have managed to collect all the sheet music together and it now all in one place waiting to be sorted.
    Update 2: Still have to finish this - haven't done any sorting at all.  Failed!!
      Now to set some new goals for August.

      Goal 1 - Personal
      Aim to go for a short walk, maybe 10 minutes, every day regardless of the weather.  10 minutes isn't enough in the long term but I think it is a realistic starting target.  I know this is going to be hard and I will make all sorts of excuses to avoid it but I am massively overweight and need to get started on some exercise.  The only valid excuses for not doing this are if I have a migraine/illness or if I can't leave my partner (who has Motor Neurone Disease) but those days should be few and far between.

      Goal 2 -  Professional
      Decide which non-principal instrumental exam to take next and make a start on the practice. Aim for 30 minutes practice on at least 3 days (for starters) each week.

      Goal 3 - Home
      The big clean! The whole house needs doing but I feel overwhelmed by the task ahead of me even as I'm typing, so for starters I'll get the hoovering and dusting done and sort out the books and clothes to send off to the charity shop.


      1. Wow! Sounds like you have a lot on your plate. I do a linkup starting every Sunday about slimming down. Starting your walking it the right way to go. I'm committed to one mile a day. Start slow. As for the house, why not pick a room a day. That way it's manageable chunks. :-)

        Following now...


      2. Sounds like you have a great plan in place to accomplish your goals for August. Sometimes it is the baby steps that make all the difference. Good luck!