Sunday, 8 January 2012

26 Week Photo Challenge 5 - One Lens

The challenge this time was to only use one lens for the 2 weeks of the challenge.  I opted to use my 18 - 55mm zoom lens as a 55 mm fixed lens, set the camera to the close up mode and crossed my fingers for some decent shots. 

1 - the first photo I'm happy with the dof but again the focus isn't as sharp on the berries as I would have liked. It's getting closer to the sort of shot I'd like to be able to take though.

2 - the best/favourite photo I like everything about this one although it's probably too closely cropped.  Maybe I should have pulled back a bit and captured a complete leaf as well.
3 - the final photo I was trying to capture the texture.  My previous attempts at this sort of shot have been unsuccessful but this one is getting there.  It's natural lighting from the left side.

I'll wait until everyone has posted their photos until I visit to add my comments.  Thanks to Karen for organising the challenge.


  1. Thanks Eileen for taking part, lovely photos as well.

    1st - love the subject and composition in this, possibly crop that dark branch on the right out. Great dof and light.

    2nd - lovely colours and focus, as you have said maybe pull back abit to get the leave in or move in closer (or crop more). Lovely focus.

    3rd - what a great subject for texture, never thought of a cabbage! Would more in closer and just focus on the texture. Great lighting.

    Well done and thank you. Weather next :) x

  2. Hi Eileen - great photos.

    Great dof in the first one.

    The 2nd one is my favourite i like how the leaves capture the light and i was thinking a closer crop rather than pulling out...but I'm not sure!

    Your third subject is a fab one for texture. Like Karen has said would a closer crop have given you more texture.

    Have a lovely week.

  3. Lovely photos Eileen I especially love the second one, I have been trying to photograph berries today and had the same trouble as you as in not all the berries were as sharp as I would like, so more practice for me I think. I agree with the others and would have gone for a closer crop but it's still a smashing photo. I love the texture idea using the cabbage.

  4. Hello Eileen, I love close-ups, my favourite way of taking shots. In the first shot, the leaf behind the berries is in perfect focus, do you know the trick of focusing on something specific, pressing the button half down, so that a green box appears to show you exactly where the focus is, to get the camera to keep that focus, and then move the camera before pressing down the shutter, thus making sure the focus is exactly where you want it? I hope I have made sense with that description
    In both the first and the second shots I personally would have gone for a closer crop, and in the third I would have got in closer, and tried for a "what do you think this is?" type of shot. Great work though, keep it up.
    Joy xx

  5. Think most has been said. I love taking pictures like this so well done. My favorite one is the second one, although I would have liked to see one complete leave in the crop
    Love and Hugs