Sunday, 29 January 2012

52 Things - January Update

Here's an update on my progress towards completing 52 things in 2012 that I've never done before:

Completed:  So far I've only completed 2, so quite a slow start.  You can read about them here and here if you are interested.

Started: Well there's plenty under way:
  • 52 weeks of mail: I'm keeping up with this and have mailed a card every week so far, all to family members - wk 1 birthday, wk 2 birthday, wk 3 good luck, wk 4 birthday 
  • Project Life: I've collated all the bits and pieces for the first four weeks.  I'm still waiting for the  Project Life stationery to arrive in this country - I'll post some photos when I get it all sorted.
  • Postcrossing: I'm aiming to send and receive 12 postcards to count this as achieved. So far I've sent 7 but haven't received any yet.
  • Watch top 20 films:  this is going much better than expected.  I've watched 11 of them so far.
  • Join a book club: I've signed up for the Richard & Judy club organised by WH Smiths and have bought the books for the Spring Read (8 books).  I've finished the first book and have just started on the second one.
  • Read the Bible: I've started on this but am a little behind as I haven't read any this week. 
  • Microloans: I've made my first loan (I plan to do 12).
  • Monthly photo:  the January photo is done and I'll be doing the February one next week.
In February I'll be attempting meditation, replacing all my undies, visiting Nunney Castle (weather permitting), trying to donate a book to the library and starting to share books via Bookcrossing.

1 comment:

  1. Hello Eileen,
    So what did you think of the films? I would love to take part in the RSPB garden birds but I live in a small new build and theres still lots of building going on so birds are very thin on the ground here.
    I've signed up a 2012 reading challenge after seeing it here on your blog although my target is 30.
    Your very inspiring with your 52 things. If you would like I could send you a post card.
    have a good week
    Joanne x