Monday, 19 March 2012

26 Week Photo Challenge - Shapes

This was a bit of a rush job but I wanted to join in this time as I've missed quite a few now.  I've concentrated on circles, photographing items around the home.

First photo was of some of the plates in the draining rack.  The focus isn't brilliant but I like the curves and the shadow.

Best/favourite photo is of a box of straws.  I just like the colours in this one.  Again the focus isn't that sharp.  Obviously an aspect that I need to concentrate on!

Final photo is of an old wooden chair. I haven't really managed to capture the detail of the texture but I like the abstract of the circular screw and the rectangular struts.

Linking with Karen @ Me, My Camera, Eye. Many thanks to Karen for organising the challenge.


  1. I just love the colours in the straws photo!

    Focus is lacking in my photos at times too as I like to grab the camera and shoot!

  2. great photos Eileen - love all the colours in the straws, great idea for a photo.

  3. Some great pictures here Eileen, I love the bright colours in the first 2 shots.
    Hope you are well!!!!

  4. Love the idea of picking a shape and looking for it. Absolute love the first image, so bright, nice exposure and composition.
    Second one, again a great idea and nice exposure, personally I might of removed the blacks one's and replaced with coloured, (my eye keeps getting drawn to the black), nice exposure again.
    Third one, a nice abstract, slightly over exposed,I like the positioning of the the screw in the bottom part as this keeps your eye from dropping out the bottom

    If you are struggling with the focus try setting the timer for 2 secs so that don't get any movement when pressing the shutter as well as focus lock (pressing the button halfway and holding down whilst recomposing).

    A lovely set of images, my fav is the first, makes me feels very cheerful and reminds me of summer days. Thank you for taking part. xx

  5. Love the colours of all of these Eileen, you really thought out of the box when taking these. Just great Love and Hugs