Saturday, 31 March 2012

5/52: Postcrossing

With the growth of texting and emails I only ever seem to receive bills or junk mail in the post - it's very rare to receive anything else as greetings cards are usually hand delivered.  I used to have a penfriend but she died about four years ago and I hadn't got round to looking for a new penfriend when our lives were pushed into touch by Ced's diagnosis and since then I haven't had the time to commit to writing long, interesting letters.  

I thought that Postcrossing would fill the gap.  When you register with this site you request an address to send a postcard to and in return you receive a postcard from someone else. You never know where the postcards are coming from, or when to expect them, so it is a lovely surprise when one turns up in your postbox. 

So far I've sent 12 cards (to USA (2), Finland, China, Denmark, Netherlands (2), Italy, Russia, Germany (2) and Taiwan) and received 14 cards (from Netherlands (4), Romania, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Thailand, USA, Finland, Estonia, China and France).  I don't know how I've managed to receive more than I've sent, but I'm not complaining!
postcards received via Postcrossing

I'll probably keep going with this one.  My only hesitation is that it doesn't replace having a penfriend as you never write to the same person twice so there is no chance of building a long term friendship. However, it does brighten up your postbox!

That's five things completed now, forty seven more to complete.

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