Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Back in the routine

Well today was my first day back at work and I've been dreading it.  So how did it go?  Easy peasy ... the school double booked a last minute whole school entertainment and didn't need me, so I didn't get to teach but still get paid and luckily the school is only a mile away from home so no real expense in terms of time or petrol.
Normally they would remember to tell me but this was one of the rare times when they forgot.  They did know I was coming in because they bought some flowers for me but didn't connect the dots about the teaching. 
a gift from my Tuesday school to let me know that
they're thinking of me
Sorry about the quality of the photograph - I seem to be out of sorts with photography at present!
I've been very good and didn't waste the extra time - I've spent the afternoon getting organised for the rest of the week - a bit of food shopping, some cooking for the freezer, filled the car up with petrol, did the banking and fitted in a trip to the library.  I'm all set to go now!
On a different note, does anyone else have a problem with blogger?  My followers seem to have disappeared.  I've checked other blogs and they all seem to be okay, so have I missed something about a change during the time I wasn't blogging?
Sorting and packing the house is still on schedule but I don't plan to do too much this week.  I'm bound to be tired with the driving and teaching so plan to just take it easy in the evenings until I get used to the routine again.  Family and friends will be round to help at the weekend and as they say, many hands make light work ... I feel a supervising role coming on!!


  1. Hello Eileen,
    Pleased your first day back at work was an easy one.
    Re your followers, they are actually visible to me on your live blog, so maybe its just a glitch that you cant see them.
    Joy xx

  2. Nothing like being broken back in gently :). I have had times when my followers disappear but then reappear!!! I can see yours. Hopefully it will sort itself soon. xx