Wednesday, 31 December 2014

One Little Word

Every year, Ali Edwards hosts her one little word class.  Although I am not signing up for any of the classes, I have chosen my own word to focus on in 2015.  I've done this in previous years but have never written about it on this blog before, but this year my choice of word, if I am to take this seriously, means that I need to be open about it.
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And that's my word for 2015 ... OPEN. 

Consciously choosing to be open will affect my life in many ways, all of them positive.  Opening up the space in the house by decluttering will remove a lot of the stress and also allow me to return to having an 'open house' where visitors are always welcome.  Choosing to open my horizons,  being open to change and to positivity and also 'opening up' and allowing people to get close again will undoubtedly enhance my life; I need to get back my 'can do' attitude and regain my confidence - get on with the things that I always say I want to do but don't get around to because I always end up thinking 'I can't'. 

My main reason for choosing this word is private and not for sharing on this blog, so all I will say is that I know I need to continue moving forward in my life and allow myself to be open to new opportunities; although I have started to socialise, I still respond to most invites and opportunities with my old carer's hat on and my instinct is still to say 'no', without stopping to think that things are now different and I could actually say 'yes'.

So, enough talk, more action!  I'll let you know how I get on.

Does anyone else do one little word?

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  1. "Open" is a good word! My little word for 2015 is "change". And here is why: