Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. What is something in your life right now that feels a little 'hodgepodge'?
I think I'll have to say the organisation of the house for this one.  I'm still sorting through my late partner's collections as well as decluttering my own possessions and as a consequence there are piles of things throughout the house as I try to get it all sorted.  It'll probably take at least another year before it is all sorted and everything I keep has its own place.
2. What does 'peace on earth, goodwill to men' mean to you?
I suppose I interpret 'goodwill to men' as 'treating others as you wish to be treated yourself'. As for 'peace on earth', for me it means practicing tolerance to others regardless of differences in race, beliefs or religion.
3. Which edible treat you are most looking forward to sampling this December?
I've discovered dark chilli chocolate thanks to my friends in the book group.   Milk chocolate is one of my triggers for migraines so I've always had to stick to the dark stuff if I fancied some chocolate but have never really enjoyed it that much.  However, chilli chocolate is something else ... I love it, it doesn't trigger the migraines and is not adversely affecting my weight loss plans.  There is a good supply in the cupboard for my Christmas treat!
4. It's that most wonderful time of the year ... do you agree, and if so why is it so wonderful? 
Yes, it is a most wonderful time of the year but the things I love about it apply all year round.  I like the changes in the weather, time spent with family and friends, shared meals, the music, the traditions and the stories.
5. What was the last word you looked up in a dictionary (actual or online) and why?
It was 'recorder', as in the musical instrument played by thousands of school children.  I wanted to know the origins of the name as I'm preparing for a lesson covering the history of the recorder.
6. Besides a Christmas tree, what is your favorite thing to decorate this time of year?
I only decorate the tree and the living room but am thinking about making some more decoration throughout next year so that I can decorate the music room and the dining room as well.
7. Share one thing you've learned (about yourself, people, or anything at all) in the Wednesday Hodgepodge, or through blogging in general.
This year I have been taking a photo a day in my garden which has taught me to take the time to look at the plants and see the detail properly.  I can't believe how much I would have missed if I hadn't taken the time to do this.
8.  Insert your own random thought here.

We are into the Christmas performance season and the children I teach are getting excited, so music lessons this week and next will be lively without much new learning.  I have seriously had enough of 'Jingle Bells' already this year but it seems to have become a tradition at every school for them to play in it their assembly; I tried to persuade them otherwise but I was overruled so it will once again be played enthusiastically, if not always musically,  by small groups of over excited 8 to 11 year olds at various locations in West Wilts!


  1. Haha. Welcome to the world of dark chili chocolate! It's my favorite, even exceeding my love of Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate with Hazelnuts. :-) There's just something about the heat in that chocolate that makes it so delicious! (but Ritter is a very close second!)

  2. I have never heard of chili chocolates before. Do they taste spicy?

  3. Don't you just love how excited the children get this time of year? I don't think they ever tire of Jingle Bells :)

  4. I have a 5th grader and his program is next week. He is so excited for us to see it and is keeping what he is doing a surprise from us

  5. I love dark chili chocolate as well. My girls are grown, but we have lots of happy memories of holiday music performances. Enjoy this special time of year!