Memorandum Monday

Waving to you on this rainy Monday and hoping you all survived last night's winds courtesy of Storm Imogen.
This is another photo of Castle Combe, especially for Sian.  It was taken yesterday, standing by the side of the Market Cross to look back down The Street.  The structure you can see in the centre of the photo is the remains of the buttercross; dating from medieval times, the buttercross is where the villagers used to gather to buy locally produced butter, milk and eggs.
Driving to Castle Combe is also my 'first' for this week.  I've lost count of the number of times I've been to the village but as I was leaving home yesterday, I realised that I've always been the passenger in the car and have never actually driven there myself.  I had to resort to the dreaded satnav to get there, which did its usual creative route, so I suppose another 'first' is seeing parts of Wiltshire I've never seen before!
Thanks go to Sian at From High in the Sky for organising this meme.


  1. great photo through the arch - have a great week

  2. I have just looked at both your Castle Combe posts. Lovely pictures. It takes me back to my girl guide days when we camped there. Makes me also think of the films shot there in particular the wonderful Dr Doolittle and of course the more recent War Horse.

  3. I believe that Castle Coombe was once named the most beautiful village in the country. I don't know if I am remembering that correctly, but from your wonderful photos it is certainly a contender isn't it! xx

    1. Yes you are, Amy. It was called the prettiest village in England according to the Castle Combe village website.

  4. And what a beautiful picture it is. It would make a wonderful postcard. Thanks Eileen :)

    Have a good week

  5. Very nice photo - showcases the quaintness of the village. Happy week ahead.

  6. Absolutely love your puddle pictures and reflections.

  7. Love how you've framed it through the arch. Don't you just love how Satnav & GPS get you places that you never dreamed of going that way? :)

  8. I think my MIL's cousin lives in Castle Combe xx

  9. What a wonderful visit, Castle Coombe is said to be beautiful.


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