Memorandum Monday

Hello to everyone taking part in Sian's Memorandum MondayIt's been a weekend of 'firsts' and 'new' things, so I have lots to tell you ... I'll keep it brief, though!

I went up to London on Saturday to visit the Museum of London, where there is currently an exhibition of items from the Metropolitan Police's Black Museum.  Before I tell you about that I'll get one of my firsts/new learning out of the way, as I finally cottoned on to something that everyone else probably knows ... just understand that I can be slow on the uptake sometimes! 
I travelled up to London on the coach and then had to get the tube from the drop off point to the museum.  I've always queued to get a ticket to travel on the tube but never again, as on Saturday I discovered that it was possible to travel without an actual ticket but to use my bank card to make contactless payments. Told you I was slow on the uptake!
Seeing the Crime Museum exhibition adds three more 'firsts' to the weekend's tally.  It's the first time I've been to the Museum of London and also the first time I've seen the Black Museum exhibits (as it isn't usually open to the general public).  I have a fascination with true life crime stories, so when I saw that the police were allowing the public to see some of their Black Museum exhibits, I booked my ticket for a visit during half term (so I didn't have to miss band practice!) and ticked the days off on the calendar.  The exhibition was fascinating, with displays of evidence retained from famous cases such as Haigh (the Acid Bath Murders), Christie (10 Rillington Place), the Kray Twins, and Dr Crippen.  Although the stories are gruesome in their own right, most of the exhibits were of things that had already been shown in documentaries on TV or been photographed and recorded in books about the crimes.  There were no graphic photos or descriptions, which I admit I was relieved about.
Being able to visit the Black Museum was one of the things on our joint wish list, but which never happened.  One of Ced's cousins was in the police and could have organised a visit, but it was one of those things you mean to do but never get around to.  This trip was the first time I've gone ahead to complete something from our joint list, so as much as I enjoyed the experience, there was a touch of sadness too.  He would have loved it.
My next first is a different sort of experience, also in London on the same day.  After the museum I wandered around St Paul's and then headed back to Grosvenor Square to wait for the coach pick up.  I'd intended to do a bit of shopping in Oxford Street but couldn't summon up the enthusiasm once I got there, so I settled in a lovely little café in Duke Street to recharged the batteries and wait in the warm and dry until it was time to get back on the coach.  The café was in a basement and although I've been in a basement flat and a basement office before, this is the first time I've been in a basement café.  So I spent a pleasant hour drinking some of the best coffee I've had for a long time and watching the feet and lower legs of people walking along the pavement at street level.
My final something new was on Sunday.  Once a month I go with friends to a charity quiz held in one of the local pubs.  It's been the same crowd of people in all the time we've been doing this but last night there were two new faces who I met for the first time.  One of them I felt I known all my life, we had loads in common and have arranged to meet for coffee and a chat later in the week, so my final something new is meeting a new friend.
Hope you all have a good week and that the fine weather continues.  Thanks go to Sian for organising this link up.


  1. Don't worry too much Eileen, GM and I only discovered contactless payment a couple of months ago! So pleased you enjoyed London, and also met a new friend.
    Joy x x

  2. This sounds like a wonderful weekend: all those new things! You'll have plenty to think about all week. I'm starting to see that you and TNSSO could be fast friends. A trip to the Black Museum would be her idea of a top day out! Have a great week Eileen.

  3. That is neat with you going out and seeing new things and learning new things :) Always good too to meet a new friend :)


  4. I would enjoy that exhibition too. We have the prison door of the cell where the Acid Bath murderer was held in our local museum.

  5. It sounds like a great visit and lots of new experiences! Glad you had a good time! xx

  6. that sounds a great day out Eileen, the Museum of London has always been one of our favourites to visit. As for contactless payment - this is new to me - so you are more knowing than me!


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