Thursday, 1 March 2018

Eye Update

This is a quick update using my phone. I can't post the links for the scavenger hunt update as the Internet doesn't like the snowy conditions and won't come out to play today so I'll get that sorted as soon as I have Internet access on the laptop.

I had an 8 am appointment with the optician to complete the final tests. I aced the peripheral vision test - 40 out of 40 on both eyes so am pleased with that. Also received the brilliant news that the problem in the right eye is a posterior vitrious detachment (PVD) and should settle down over the next six months with no long term loss of vision. I just have to take extra care for the next six weeks as, if I'm really unlucky, it could still develop to a full retinal detachment during that time period. She said it was already looking better this morning so it's unlikely to develop into the more serious condition and the 'extra care' means that I need to avoid heavy lifting and exercises that 'jog' the body such as running and jumping. Once it heals it'll never happen again in this eye but at some stage it is likely to affect the left eye, so I have that to look forward to in the future!

She then managed to wipe the smile off my face by saying she'd found something in my left eye. Apparently I have developed a 'freckle' in that eye which needs further investigation, this time at the eye clinic in the Royal United Hospital in Bath. She was very evasive so I don't really understand what this may mean but she faxed the images through to the hospital and they phoned me to book an appointment within 20 minutes. I'm hoping that this speedy response is down to efficiency rather than urgency. The appointment is for March 12th as I had to turn down the two earlier dates I was offered because they clashed with other medical appointments. 

I'm tucked up in home now waiting for the blurred vision (from the eye drops she used this morning) to clear. I've turned the heating up, have a casserole in the oven which'll be ready for lunch and am snuggled up on the sofa watching daytime TV. I'm using the term 'watching' quite loosely as I can't see any detail at all! 


  1. Phew - that is VERY good news. Sounds like a perfect afternoon planned for you. We have some nasty weather arriving later in the day; lots of snow, so I may get to plan a snuggle time with a mug of tea, two wonderful cats & a new book just picked up from the library.

    Does your eye doctor recommend taking any supplements like Lutein for eye health?

    1. No she hasn't but the hospital may recommend something like that.

  2. Great news. I had a 'freckle in my eye and I went for further investigation but it was nothing to worry about and all is well. Very much hoping that will be the same for you.
    J x

  3. I can imagine how relieved you must be. Doctor's orders for you till the eye has completely settled down! And hopefully that uncharacteristic NHS efficiency really is only that. Good that they are being cautious though. Hope the casserole was a hit!

  4. That is good news. My eye appointment was also brought forward. I had been given a choose and book appointment in May and mine has been moved forward to 14th March. I equally don't know if that is good or bad!