Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Winter Photographic Scavenger Hunt

That it! The Winter Photographic Scavenger Hunt ends today so you only have until midnight tonight to get the rest of those elusive photos. Here's the final linky for you to share your photos with fellow hunters. 


  1. Well I finished just in time. Last photo taken just before dark! Thanks again for organising it especially with your various health issues that have cropped up. I can't see a linky.

  2. All of mine are up, in several posts over the last month. I haven't put the whole collection up, but I expect to get them all in a SmugMug album. Thanks for organizing it! I found all of the items on a two-week trip to Morocco (although I neglected to take a photo of two of them, but had alternates already!) Like all photo scavenger hunts, people I know (and traveled with) got interested in it as well. Thanks again!